Get Your Top New Years Resolutions Done on New Years Day?

Top New Years Resolutions according to are;

1. Lose Weight

2. Manage Debt

3. Get a Better Job

4. Get Fit

5. Get a Better Education

6. Drink Less Alcohol

7. Quit Smoking Now

8. Reduce Stress Overall

9. Reduce Stress at Work

10. Take a Trip

11. Volunteer to Help Others

12. Yours

Is it possible to deal with all of these resolutions on New Years Day, and be done with them?

Can you make all the Anthony Robbins wannabe's, the self-help gurus, and fitness mavens, all those coaches, counselor's (gulp), psychologists, and social workers weep with your profound skill at Resolution keeping?

It is all in how you word the Resolution. 

By the way, we usually call neuroplasticity knowledge, but be careful.

While our brain will do neurogenesis and neuroplasticity for us, we have to do some things for our brains, like minimize numbers 8 and 9 above, and maximize numbers 5 and 1, for example.

Evans and Burghardt write about the pillars of brain fitness, physical exercise, nutrition, including lots of omega 3 fatty acid, sleep, stress management, and novel learning experiences. Take care of those and your brain takes care of your resolutions.

Could number 4 above be as easy to complete? Could completing number 4 help me with numbers 2 and 3?

You are reading a website constructed with Ken Evoy's SBI platform, which I have been using for five years. My retirement income is coming in every month now, and money for my kids college education too. Get two for one, for a monthly payment.

(Maybe your New Year's resolution is to buy one, get one free? See, got it all done with one click).

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Top New Years Resolution-Stress Management

So you want to work on 8 and 9 and the sleep and stress management pillars of your brain fitness? Here is the tool, and this one will take all of 5 to 10 hours to learn, and I know you will want to keep doing it, because it feels good! Heartmath!  Please see the link in the right column.

Top New Years Resolutions can take some interesting forms.

Check these out from Mike Durrett from;

"Buy one sandwich at the regular price, get one large drink free!

When we're strolling through the park, demand wife walk 10 paces in front, in case of mimes.

Save money on medical expenses. Schedule my physical at pediatrician's office and order off the kiddie menu. (Ask about the Little Slugger Prostate Exam.)

Move to Texas. Join the Shriners. Become first man inside the Alamo to wear coonskin fez.

Eat naturally. Learn to coax out Twinkie filling by the Lamaze method."

I did not know the Doc had a kiddie menu. However I am suspicious about the Little Slugger thing.

You can tell that Mike has made his brain very fit, and very sharp, perhaps with tools he discovered at this website.

You can actually increase the size of your brain, and I want to submit to you that when it comes to your brain, size matters.

Did not know that you could grow new brain cells?

Make it your Top New Years Resolution to Grow the Size of Your Brain!

When It Comes to Your Brain, Size Matters

Everything begins in the brain. I cannot pick up a fork to eat my delicious cranberry salad (resolution number 1 is lose weight) without my brain making it so, and now we can exercise our brains like we exercise our bicep.

Don't believe me? Perhaps your first resolution needs to be to read Brainfit for Life by Simon Evans,Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt,Ph.D. who have written a very interesting book compiling neural nuggets (I resolve to write with less alliteration) from the neuroscience research.

If we take care of many of the nuggets they have mined, our brains grow new neurons every day, and those neurons join existing circuits, where they join with other neurons in creating memories or in brain storming novel solutions to problems or maybe in creating offbeat brand of humor like Michael Durrett's.

Top New Years Resolution-Get Smarter

The brain fitness materials that Evans and Burghardt describe fall generally into several areas that they call the pillars of brain fitness, and those pillars are; physical exercise, nutrition including lots of omega 3 fatty acid and antioxidants, sleep, stress management, and novel learning experiences.

Each of those pillars are important in more traditional kinds of New Years Resolutions, like getting a new job, losing weight, or quitting smoking.

And with a bigger brain you will probably be more efficient at keeping your resolutions too.

So if one of your resolutions is to lose weight or begin a workout routine, add in to your reasons for doing that a bigger brain.

The most important brain pillar for neurogenesis is physical exercise, because of the deep breathing.

However, this resolution for physical exercise does not mean that you have to join an expensive health club, or even lift big barbells.

You can start with more physical activity and move up to more physical exercise with time.

In fact, you can get the physical exercise required for this bigger brain pillar by doing exercises in your home office with an exercise ball.

Check out the routine that 89 year old Bill and 83 year old Pat do. When you click on this link, you will be taken to the program that Scott and Angie Tousignant have put together for couples to use, and

Bill and Pat will be about half way down the page. The nice thing about the Tousignant routine is that it can be done in ten minutes and it does inspire the growth of neurons, because you will be breathing deep. And if you are doing it with your partner, no getting out of the workout.

The next pillar of brain fitness impacting your bigger brain resolution in nutrition.

Yes, that means fruit and vegetables, and a Big Mac with lettuce and tomato does not count.

You need the full range of fruits and vegetables daily, which will dose those new neurons with fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants, and most importantly, omega 3 fatty acid.

Your neurons are covered in a sheath which is about 67% omega 3 fatty acid, which needs to be replaced every day. If there is not replacement omega 3, then the old omega 3 gets brittle and communication between neurons is garbled. That means decisions you make about your life are made with a small brain.

The best source of omega 3 fatty acid is fish, which may bring worry about mercury poisoning, so a supplement may be in order.

The next pillars to attend to in your bigger brain resolution are the sleep and stress management pillars, and lucky for us, technology has discovered a process that you can take advangtage of to kill two neurogenesis birds with one stone.

It is called Heartmath and it will teach you in short order to manage the time between heart beats, which changes your stress hormones (adrenalin and cortisol) to DHEA the anti aging hormone, and it actually opens up the higher perceptual centers in your brain, in the proverbial heart beat.

Top New Years Resolution-Novel Learning Experience

The last pillar of brain fitness is the novel learning experience pillar, which usually refers to the kind of learning involved in learning a new language or new instrument. Doing either of those is going to increase the size of your brain, but if you do not have time to schedule for learning a new language or instrument, then try one of the following computerized brain fitness programs. 

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro - Software that makes you smarter

Would you Share What You Are Most Grateful For?

A wise person once told me that an "Attitude of Gratitude" would help me feel better in those moments of fear or resentment. That wise person was correct.

Would you share what you are most grateful for?

It could be just what another person needs to renew themselves.


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