The Heartmath Solution

The Heartmath Solution to what? Algebra problems? My eighth grader would love it if the Heartmath Solution was helpful with long division.

The good news is that The Heartmath Solution is helpful with long division and any human situation which involves distress or eustress, like doing arithmetic in the sixth grade.

So what is Heartmath? Sure the name is catchy but how many of us have gotten our hopes up about a catchy marketing name and then been let down when there was no serious substance to the product.

Well, if you have a heart, then learning how to do Heartmath can teach your heart to beat coherently, which impacts every cell of your body every time your heart beats.

That is an extensive impact, every cell in your body, every time it beats, and with the right instrumentation, we can show that the electromagnetic energy in your body can impact folks who are close by, so if your heart is beating coherently, then folks nearby can feel a subtle calming influence from your heart, and certainly see you behaving calmly.

So how do you teach an organ inside your body something? Well you give it feedback, which is called biofeedback, and that organ, because it has a very sophisticated nervous system of its own, will learn that when you use a particular cue thought and breathing pattern, it is to make its beat very coherent, which means that the time between beats is very consistent. 

Does the Heartmath Solution Feel Good?

Yes the Heartmath Solution Feels good!

Not too many years ago, we did not know anything about the heart's own nervous system, or the intelligence of the heart, although it turns out that the heart's intelligence is affiliative and cooperative.

The heart is constantly feeding information about the state of the body to the brain, in fact more data goes up from the heart's brain than comes down, and when I make my heart rate variability coherent, I actually make it possible for my brain to open its higher perceptual centers for excellent brainstorming and decision making.

The Heartmath solution is a wonderful corollary to the counseling process, and when my clients learn that they can manage what is usually a subconscious process, they are 'heartened' and encouraged about their ability to more effectively manage feelings, thinking, and behaviors on their own.

It is nice to be able to cue a pleasant heart based physiology on demand. In my case, since I am 62 and bald, I always use the analogy that I can feel good on demand even though I will not ever grow more hair, and in my case the Heartmath solution helps with the anti-aging process by bathing my body in DHEA, rather than adrenaline and cortisol.

And another very important aspect of the Heartmath solution is its impact on two other recently discovered capacities of us humans, our ability to grow new neurons daily, called neurogenesis, and neuroplasticity, which is what those new neurons do when they experience a novel learning experience. They build new connections which is what knowledge is, connections between neurons.

New neurons will not get cemented into the brain if they are bathed in unnecessary stress hormones, which is a waste isn't it, so I want to be in the habit of taking care of those replacement parts by attending to the Heartmath Solution. 

HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

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