Super Brain Power

I am a little hesitant to write a page about super brain power`.

The words super brain power conjure up the advertisements showing folks who look like they are about to ascend to the heavens after using this or that tool to enter the alpha/theta brain wave pattern, for example.

Just one problem with those tools; they can entrain your eeg to alpha or theta brainwave patterns, but once the sound or sound and light stimulus stops, so does the entrainment. While you are entrained, usually you feel very relaxed.

In other words, it is not learned, and unlike HeartMath or heart rate variability biofeedback, the individual cannot return to the coherent heart rate on demand, without the machine to provide the entraining stimulus.

Alpha-theta brainwave biofeedback has been used successfully with alcoholics. I and my partner Jeremy Croyle did so, and if you read the research about the Peniston Protocol, you will see that Eugene Peniston did also, in the early '90's at a V.A. hospital in Texas.

By using the biofeedback to guide the individual to a deeply relaxed state, where visualizations are experienced vividly, one can practice visualizations which are accepted as real, just as real as any other so called sensory experience.

Those visualizations become memories and then guide behavior as much as any other learning.

However, we have not created super brain power, only utilized what is already there.

Opening Higher Perceptual Centers With HeartMath

As opposed to super brain power, higher perceptual centers in the brain can be opened for greater insight and problem solving by learning how to move into and sustain a coherent heart rate using a program on your PC, the emWave program (formerly FreezeFrame, or FreezeFramer?).

I have learned and then taught this tool to many clients who are referred to me for domestic violence counseling or anger management counseling.

It takes 5 to 10 practices to develop an experience which can then be drawn upon to move your body back into heart rate variability coherence in a heart beat.

This experience is learned when I can do it without the feedback from either the PC or the hand held emWave unit.

The data about the benefits of HeartMath are astounding. Unlike the entrainment experience, HeartMath has been and is being studied.

That research has been part and parcel of an emerging field of study called neurocardiology, which studies the nervous system of the heart.

Turns out the heart has enough neurons in it to learn and make decisions independently of any other brain we may have. In fact, the HeartMath folks say the heart has more to say about feelings than our brain, and the hearts intelligence is cooperative and affiliative.

Again, we have not discovered any super brain power, we have only more fully utilized what is already there.

For more information on how to access higher perceptual centers through HeartMath, click on this link.

emWave2 by HeartMath LLC

While you may not be able to use alpha-theta entrainment as a path to super brain power, you can use the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro to an increased IQ, and this time there is research, new research to back it up. Easy to practice, and doing your heart math while doing practicing is synergistic.

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