Senior Counseling

How about a little senior counseling which incorporates recent discoveries about successful aging, rather than the kind of senior counseling which indicates that we are destined to slide into some kind of helpless and decrepit old age?

I am 61 and a father of little ones, a husband, a businessman, with a counseling practice, I am learning how to build an online business, my little boy was outside last night blowing on his trumpet, chasing his sister with his bike, and I cooked dinner for them, got them cleaned up and off to bed on time, and today I was up at 4:30 to work on the online business and now I got to get the kids up for school, while Julie gets a few extra winks.

Then I will go to the YMCA to work out with many others my age, who are take their exercise seriously. One lady has had a hip replacement, which did not stop her, and another champion weightlifter did not begin lifting until he was in his mid-50's.

Ever heard of neurogenesis? How about neuroplasticity, or the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program, which has been shown to help Seniors recover up to 10 years of memory? Ever heard of Jim Ward, who ran in the Ironman Triathalon when he was 74?

Want to increase your IQ? Then you will want to practice the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro.

Ever heard of Logan Franklin, author of Gray Iron, A Fitness Guide for Senior Men and Women? He is 72, and look at the physique.

He has a beginners guide for Senior Fitness folks.

Here is a look at couples program that 88 year old Bill and 82 year old Pat use to get in shape for traveling called More Love, Less Fat. You can look at them about half way down the page that clicking on that link takes you to.

So senior counseling has got to include information on successful aging, physical, emotional, and behavioral choices that we need to make frequently every day, as well as information about retirement, end of life, spirituality, wills and estates, nutrition, loss of family and friends, life review, ect.

I can remember Dave Fairfield who I met about 30 years ago in AA. Not long after Dave got sober, he was diagnosed with cancer, and his conscious choices as he moved through those last days was an example to all of us in the local community.

In the Meantime, Increase Your Brain Fitness for Increased Life

Everything we do, including Senior Counseling, involves the brain, and in the last decade or so, we have discovered some very neat things about the brain, like it grows new neurons everyday. That is called neurogenesis and the discovery of neurogenesis overturned decades of neuroscientific dogma.

We are not destined to slide into decrepitude. Hope that is a word.

Neurogenesis can be encouraged by taking care of the 'pillars of brain fitness' which are physical activity/exercise (see Logan Franklin above), nutrition including omega 3 fatty acids, sleep, stress management, and novel learning experiences which can include the use of computerized brain fitness programs.

Those novel learning experiences enhance another capacity of the human brain called neuroplasticity. Neurons connect in new ways very fast when we challenge our brains with learning new languages or new instruments, for example.

Those extra connections, if we make them permanent by practice, form what is called a cognitive reserve that keeps me able to keep my wits about me even though I may have some of those pesky alzheimers plaques developing in my brain. Want to take a look at a guide for brain fitness? Please read Brainfit for Life by Simon Evans,Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt,Ph.D. So you did not know that you can grow new brain cells every day, and that they can be cemented into existing brain circuitry by a challenge like that challenge from the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program?

Here is a quick video about the Posit Science Program that describes the reactions of the participants and the the researchers, and you can double check the IMPACT study.

I was surprised recently when my inlaws gave up night time driving. They are not that much older than I am, and so I felt a surge of sympathetic helplessness, and then I decided that I will not give up my mobility while I can practice the visual skills necessary to drive safely.

Remember folks, our parents did not have PC's to use. If you need to, get the grandkids to load it for you.

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is the program which increases your IQ. I guarentee you will have fun doing the dual n back task.

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