Senior Auto Insurance

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Senior Auto Insurance

Seniors Auto insurance becomes a little less important, only because Seniors who are retired don't travel every day, and do most of their travel locally a few days per week at most.

For these reasons, Seniors can find reduced rate policies.

Seniors should always add 24/ 7 roadside assistance to their policy, it is just good reasoning. This policy should include everything from fixing a flat, to emergency refueling, towing, or even key replacement when we lock ourselves out.

Make sure there is no age limit on those who are covered while in your vehicle. Grandkids like to ride along too.

For those who have managed to keep a clean driving record, your rate will stay low. Over your lifetime, auto insurance rates drop as drivers reach middle age. 

Once you reach the Seniors category, you can expect your rates to increase, as statistics say (not you personally), that you are an older driver and more accident prone. They claim it is due to having more problems than a middle aged person. These include age-related changes in eyesight, hearing, any health condition almost, medications, and even slower reflexes.

Have you checked your Senior policy terms lately?

Will your insurance increase because you hit their age minimum for middle aged holders?  Some companies will take account of your good driving record, so ask them if they do.

Examples of Senior Auto Insurance Rates

Here are some examples of how your age can alter your policy. For starters, it all depends on the structure or terms of your company. There are restrictions on most at either age 50’s, some at 60’s, and all by your 70’s.

First, US Demographics show that for those of you in your 50’s, you are among the safest drivers, with good health, good hearing and vision, and still quick reflexed.

Second, As stated previously, for those in your 60’s who kept a perfect record so far, your policy should not go up. However some insurers will try to raise your rates. Maybe it is time to change companies if they don’t comply with your asking. Many times just that promise to leave them ‘might’ work.

Third, by your 70’s it will go up. The National Transportation Bureau who's that these people have much higher accidents and fatalities, more claims in their history (because they actually used their policies), so have rate increases.

So what about car insurance for those in their 80’s?

AAA set fatality rates at seventeen times higher than 25-65 year olds. Ironically this is not based on your driving record as much as being frail…more injurious accidents.

Tips for Lowering Your Senior Auto Insurance

Drive less. Depending on your state, lower mileage drivers have lower rates. 

Take a Mature Diver Course and be a Certified Safe Driver.

Reduce your coverages, therefore reducing the policy costs.

Drop a driver from your policy.

Join an organization such as AARP which provides an ‘Affinity Discount’.

Try the Guesstimator at Liberty Mutual, to find the most affordable coverage for yourself.

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