Self Help Information

Are you looking for a clearing house of self help groups, or are you looking for information to use for yourself? Do you want products, or do you want to travel astrally?

Are you looking for an exchange of information with a fellow photographer, or rose enthusiast?

How many different kinds of self help groups can we define?

As a counselor, I have always associated self help with groups like AA, which has what I will call an external and an internal process.

The external is the meetings and the sharing and the socializing and the discussion, and the internal is the step work I do alone, the daily prayer and meditation for example, which I must think about and do silently. (I cannot listen for the higher power's will for me while talking, for example).

As you may guess I am a strong believer in the AA process, and over the years I have tried a number of tools like Open Focus meditations, which I really like, sound and light machines for brain entrainment, HeartMath, binaural beat tapes, reading self-help books, EEG brain wave biofeedback, a TENS unit, sensory deprivation, TM, supplements, brain foods, and probably some others I cannot remember to help my own brain stay sober.

There was a part of me that was looking for instant enlightenment and the fame and acclaim that comes with that, but over the years I got it that self help information gathering is a gradual process, and comes one small intuition, insight, AHA, and gain at a time, and involves a life style of seeking, until you realize that the seeking may just be the enlightentment.

But these days, our seeking is aided and abetted by the internet, and I am truly indebted to Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Life crew who are an incredible community of folks in various stages of the cancer process.

They support and encourage each other and offer nutritional and alternative treatments and ideas, and they won't be stopped.

That is what self help information is like for me, and I think everyone should be required to visit

Crazy Sexy Life to see how self help information is done.

Well, maybe that is not the only place online offering hope and health and recovery.

I know there are lots of chat rooms on AOL, that I used to visit, and Yahoo and Google groups abound I am sure.

And if you are looking for your own self help information, before you try any of the e-books promising easy and fast, be sure to read this one, Brainfit for Life which speaks to the life choices we need to make to keep our brains fit and making good decisions.

The authors write very about the five pillars of brain fitness, physical exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and novel learning challenges, all of which keep your neurogenesis and neuroplasticity going full bore, and those two newly discovered and described brain capacities can be challenged by the following brain fitness programs. Check them out.

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