Self Help Ebooks

Self help ebooks is a rich topic on the internet. Almost every web master has an ebook they have put together on their topic, so if you search on your topic you will find an ebook, like this one Brainfit for Life which is the self help ebook that I think everyone should start with, but then I am a counselor.

Why this ebook? Well, all of our experience starts in the brain, and if it is healthy, and I have given it lots of useful words, it will perceive and process data for me in an optimum fashion, form new connections, which is called neuroplasticity, and help me generate brainstorms of problem solving ideas.

But you are looking for Self Help ebooks, which might mean you are looking for self help for anxiety or anger or depression or addiction or increased income or online business building, or relationship help, or weight loss for example, so I will include some titles and sites that have many titles. The first is Learn Out Loud

Learn Out Loud has a number of sections, which I will link to here, in hopes of making your search quicker.

Learn Out Loud Sale Section

Learn Out Loud Teach

Learn Out Loud Member Plan

Learn Out Loud For Kids

Learn Out Loud Personal Growth and Development Catalog

More Personal Growth Catalog

Some of the ebooks you are going to find will contain valuable information. I know when I look for information online I am looking for something that will make my work with my clients more effective, so it needs to go a little deeper than the usual cheerleading stuff. I have used HeartMath personally and professionally because of the research and writing about it, and I want to recommend that you take a look. While this may not be your cup of tea today, HeartMath tools can be a Godsend for feeling and thinking. Thanks for your time. Mike Logan