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The Role of Brain Fitness in Self Help Advice

Self Help Advice

Any self help is going to work in the brain, and we now know a bit more about how to keep your brain fit.

If your brain is fit, it will make better decisions about your thinking, your feelings, and your behavior, and you will do that heart beat by heart beat, or thought by thought.

Until the 1990's, we did not know that the brain grows new brain cells every day, which is called neurogenesis, nor did we know that the brain was so plastic, constantly rewiring itself based on what we were giving it to work with, which is a brain capacity called neuroplasticity, and we surely did not know that it was possible to enhance those capacities by working out the brain with computerized brain fitness programs, one of which increases IQ.

Self Help Advice For Your Brain Fitness

What are the key pillars to brain fitness? Physical exercise, nutrition, including omega 3 fatty acid, good sleep, stress management, and novel learning experiences like the computerized brain fitness programs.

Of these pillars, the most important is the physical exercise, and if you want a very well written book on the phenomenon of brain fitness, then get Brainfit for Life by Simon Evans, Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt,Ph.D. who are neuroscientists at the University of Michigan.

The great self help advice they have for us is that life style choices are the most important part of the brain fitness puzzle, so get ready for more physical exercise and better sleep.

The novel learning experiences usually recommended for brain fitness neuroplasticity are learning a new language, or starting a new career, or learning a new instrument, and if you do not have time for that, or want to enhance it with computerized brain fitness programs then try these.

I use these three and have had experienced continued improvement in memory and attention, even with a 61 year old brain.

The research on the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program in the IMPACT study is particularly intriguing. 

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