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Is there a science to love? Will it work for me? What is different about Helen Fisher's Ph.D. model of dating?

There are about 800 dating sites out there on the internet. 800! We must be in need of the chemistry of connection, which Helen Fisher has observed first hand in the fMRI machine.

If it it is possible to remove the uncertainty from the dating process, so we can get to the good chemistry straight away, Dr. Fisher's model and questioniare are key components of accomplishing that.

According to ABC News, "There are more than 800 online dating sites, and about 25 percent of Americans have visited one. Fisher said the problem with other online dating sites was that they only matched people according to traits they had in common, such as social class, ethnic background and education level. also considers hormonal differences that Fisher said drew people together and helped them produce healthier offspring. But the site says it's the more scientific method for finding true love on the Internet.

Fisher says that there are four personality types -- explorer, builder, negotiator and director -- and that each of them is associated with a chemical in the body. Fisher said explorers were curious, thrill-seeking and optimistic; builders were loyal, calm and good managers; negotiators were demanding, independent and competitive.

According to Fisher, people are often attracted to people outside of their own personality types, but she's not ruling out any possible matches.

"I think that every one of these combinations is a perfectly good kind of combination," Fisher said. "It's just going to result in different types of marriages."

So the thinking appears to be, take the quiz, establish your personality type, and look for matches according to Dr. Fisher's model, thereby reducing the uncertainty in the dating process, and get sped to the good brain chemistry.

Here is a link to the quiz.

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Take your FREE personality test and receive your Chemistry-inspired matches today!

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