P.S. Your ARE Awesome

by Awesome

How do people feel so good about themselves? Why don't I feel confident about the things that I do? Why am I always making mistakes?

I would ask myself those questions everyday. I could never grasp the feeling of being a great person with unique ideas and concepts. I knew who I wanted to be in the future, and I could see myself as this beautiful and confident human being. But I was so lost as to how to reach that.
I felt alone, living in a place where I thought nobody understood how sad I was about my place in life. I was so angry for being stuck in these positions.
I wasn't an unhealthy person who had never enjoyed exercise. The gym is one of my favorite places to be, I went 4 times a week and I played competitive soccer. People always told me how much potential I had and if I just let myself relax and shine I would accomplish so much. But I just couldn't feel good about myself.

I read all of the feel-good stories out there and listened to all the tapes about how to build self-confidence. Nothing was working for me, I still felt scared about making mistakes and lost as to how to reach my goals. But one day I realized SELF-CONFIDENCE does not come in a box, it does not come in a book, confidence does not come on an i-pod

or in a tape. Self-confidence is something that you have to find yourself. Everybody on this wonderful planet has confidence within themselves. Even you, the person reading this now, you have confidence. It IS there. Somewhere deep, deep inside of you there is a light. That light is full of happiness.
You have to dig down deep, find that light. Believe that your an amazing person inside and out. Because honestly, it does NOT matter what your place in life is right now. You can be the ideal image of yourself. That amazing person is there, and they are ready to come out.Even if, at this moment in time you are not ready to let them come out, that is okay. The time will come when you won't even expect it, it'll just show up one day.
I was able to let my true self come out through Yoga and Meditation. These types of practices are so awesome at allowing you to find yourself. They calm and relax the body. Just last year, I thought I would feel terrible forever. But now I feel so happy and confident. I am really making my dreams come true. We are all beautiful and wonderful human beings. You are amazing, believe it! Embrace your true self and love them, because nobody else out there can be as awesome as you are. You are the only one who knows how to be as awesome as you.

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