Personal Counseling

Perhaps you have found yourself struggling with one of the following scenarios, and you are worried that change in your case is not possible.

* confused about a relationship?

* victim or perpatrator of dating violence?

* victim or perpatrator of domestic violence

* obsessively addicted to psychics and tarot card readings ?

* prefer porn videos to your partner or a relationship?

* want to date and mate without hassles or anxiety?

* having trouble letting go?

* conflicted about your orientation towards sexuality?

* need tips on changing careers or dealing with office politics?

* insomnia? chronic illness? overeating? alcoholism?

* stressed about a divorce or your ex?

* always asking yourself what's wrong with me?

* constantly focused on wanting your body to be different?

* have repetitive compulsive habits that bother you and/or cause debt?

* can't manage or express anger effectively?

* plagued by private fetishes or fantasies that haunt you?

* want to be more grounded, with direction and in control of yourself?

* what does being "normal" really mean?

* Do you have a secret that is your own personal "Inconvenient Truth"?

* Combat veteran? PTSD?

* Codependency? Emotional Intelligence?

* Retirement Counseling?

* fill in the blank with your own question___________

* Court ordered for an evaluation or counseling?

Please be reassured. Change is possible, and counseling can play a big role in it.

Personal counseling is:

* A cooperative venture between the counselor and you to help you resolve a personal problem.

* A positive step when you are concerned or stumped about what to do.

* An educational and growth-oriented experience.

* Short term, with clear purposes, to help you take charge of your life.

* Will help you work with what it is that you can control (your thinking, your feelings, and your behavior)

Folks face a variety of challenges which affect their personal growth, emotional well-being, and success in life. Conflicts and problems often arise which prevent us from reaching our full potential. We may find that our usual ways of handling problems aren't working well for some reason. we may find, for example, that talking to friends or relatives about our concerns does not seem particularly helpful in the long run.

Professional counselors can help us identify, understand, and develop skills to resolve our personal concerns. Counseling is an educational process which enables us to learn more about ourselves. A good friend of mine and mentor once said that our job as counselors is to teach our clients the road map.

Counseling is a chance to talk over what is on your mind with an objective person who can help you learn new skills and new ways of looking at situations, so that you will be more capable of solving future problems on your own.

Counselors may use any number of models to teach you a road map through your current difficulty, and they should be informed about current research.

For example, my anger management and domestic violence clients are always intrigued by the latest neuroscientific research in regards to neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

No one knew that neurogenesis was possible until a decade or so ago, and now their are companies marketing research backed brain fitness programs, like the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro, which increases IQ.

Ever heard of Helen Fisher,Ph.D., who is an anthropologist at Rutgers who has done some fascinating work with human brains that are in love or just out of love? She has examined them with fMRI and has come up with a brain based model for love which perhaps will help us fools who fall in love to make more sensible choices.

She is now an advisor for a very sophisticaed dating service called

So your counselor should know about those scientific developments and be able to guide you to choices which are informed by science.

Just remember though, that making any choice means giving up another option.

Want the best brain for choice making?

Better read

Brainfit for Life and begin to take care of the pillars of brain fitness, which are physical exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and novel learning experiences, like learning a new language, or a new instrument, or using one of the commercially available brain fitness programs.

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