Panic Attack Symptoms

Panic Attack Symptoms

When an anxiety attack occurs, you might not know at first if it’s something serious or not, so it’s important to know and be able to recognize panic attack symptoms so that you don’t increase your anxiety during that time.

A panic attack usually lasts about 10 minutes, but sometimes a little longer. That can seem like an eternity. You might initially realize you’re having trouble breathing. You may start taking short, quick breaths or feel like you can’t catch your breath.

Your heart will race in many instances. The pounding can be frightening and some people often feel like the pounding paired with chest pain is a heart attack, when it’s really just anxiety coming on.

Shaking and trembling are common panic attack symptoms. When you’re suffering from anxiety you can feel fearful – and feelings of terror paired with intense sweating are more symptoms for panic attacks. When this happens, your body may shake uncontrollably. This is part of what makes having a panic attack so embarrassing when you’re out in public.

While some people have hot flashes and excessive sweating during a panic attack, others get chills. Your body may not react in either way – everyone is different when it comes to how they handle anxiety.

The physical panic attack symptoms continue during the episode where you may feel dizzy like you’re about to faint. It’s important to sit down and calmly breathe through the panic attack so that you don’t faint and injure yourself.

Nausea often accompanies anxiety attacks. You might feel like you’re about to vomit or you may experience strong stomach cramps. Once the episode is over, the feel subsides and the pains go away.

Another of the terrifying panic attack symptoms is that of feeling like you’re choking. Some people describe it as not being able to swallow or breathe. Others say it feels like someone is holding a pillow over their faces, smothering them.

This can result in an eve stronger belief that you’re about to die, which is often the result many expect when they’re in the midst of a panic attack, waiting for it to subside. Some people know they won’t die, but just panic more because they feel like they’re out of control.

The last common panic attack symptom is a tingling in the fingers or toes. This is what makes some people fear it’s a heart attack, when it’s not. If your fingers or toes tingle or get numb, just wait it out if it’s a true panic attack. When you add up all of these symptoms, you can see that it’s imperative that you find help for panic attacks as soon as possible so that you never have to endure this feeling again.

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