Panic Attack Disorder

Panic Attack Disorder

Doctors are seeing more panic attack disorder patients coming through their doors and many of these sufferers don’t exactly know what’s happening to them – only that they’re scared and worried about how to counteract these episodes in the future.

Someone who has panic attack disorder experiences a sudden wave of fear that comes about from no clear-cut reason. That’s what so scary about this prognosis – there doesn’t have to be anything particularly frightening about a situation for it to result in a panic attack where you’re left feeling paralyzed.

Those suffering from panic attack disorders often worry that people will think it’s all in their heads. But there are actual physical symptoms that they encounter. The person may feel shortness of breath or a tightening in their chest as if a heart attack is coming on.

Some people might have one panic attack and never experience it again. Others experience it on a regular basis, and there’s no specific formula to determine how long between episodes you’ll have to go before another attack occurs. When it’s chronic in nature, that’s when it’s labeled a true panic disorder as opposed to a single panic attack.

Don’t let people tell you it’s just a nervous condition or simple stress. It’s not. You’ll be feeling a physiological response that requires real medical intervention – whether in the form of prescribed or natural health tools.

Panic Attack Disorder Untreated

Left untreated, a panic attack disorder can greatly reduce your quality of life. You may become somewhat a hermit because you’re worried about experiencing one of these panic attacks out in public.

When it strikes without warning, you may feel nauseous and flushed. Other symptoms can include sweating, shaking, cramping in the abdominals, feeling dizzy or faint, and feeling as if your throat is closing and you can’t swallow.

Nothing brings on a panic attack – it just happens. You might even be asleep when it wakes you up and they can last between a few minutes to 30 minutes or more. When it’s over, you might feel exhausted and drained – and that’s normal due to the impending sense of doom you’ve felt during that timeframe.

The problem happens when one panic attack ends and you’re left worrying that another will strike at any moment. That’s why you need treatment after the very first panic attack occurs – whether it’s learning how to effectively deal with a panic attack or what medications to use to combat them when they hit.

The last thing you want to happen is for you to begin living in fear on a constant basis – avoiding public places simply because of the unknown. Get help immediately so you can start living your life to the fullest.

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