Online Family Counseling

Online family counseling is beginning, from the nature of what my searches online are finding.

There are a few therapists who are advertising that they offer this service, through video conferencing.

The major points in favor are convenience of scheduling, including weekends and night availability, privacy, the family can call in from home making scheduling coordination easier, and some therapists/counselors are offering the option of letting the family set the length of the session. Online family therapy would certainly make it easier for families in remote areas to receive services.

It appears that the therapists offering this service are confident that they can teach a systems view point to the family, and that the family can then begin to recalibrate their own system.

Imagining myself working with some of my domestic violence folks with online family therapy is both a little scary and a little exciting.

One thing online family therapy could do is make services more available if clients had a video cam or a computer. The downside is determining if I am meeting with the correct person.

I believe that with the phone and the computer I could interact with a client and deliver psychoeducation as effectively as I do in group.

So maybe video conferencing is a possibility, or maybe after care is a possibility online, with the family.

Wonder if parenting education could be delivered this way by social service agencies? Or alcohol aftercare treatment? Or DCFS family visits? Or probation/parole monitoring?

And what are constitutional rights to privacy?

Guess folks would have to opt in to online family counseling?

If you are ready to get started, here is the place to go.

To Get You Started....

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