Online Counseling Course

Are you in luck!. There are online counseling courses of all stripes available today.

The field and the market place has changed tremendously in just the last two years, since I have begun to build this website.

There was very little available to me in the way of research evaluation of online counseling courses two years ago, and now it seems to be fairly well accepted that online counseling courses can convey the concepts involved in the process of counseling and do so on a schedule which has great value for the students involved.

Online counseling courses are achieving the same accreditation as their bricks and mortar brethren, and the bricks and mortar folks seem to be leaping into the fray, in part to participate in a very large market.

Two years ago, it seemed to me that companies who would hire the graduates of online counseling courses were not very open to the validity of the degree, but that appears to be changing, perhaps because so many companies are using their own online educational programs and are seeing the value for their employees.

Two years is a rapid turn around, it seems to me.

This is what the College of Southern Nevada has on their home page about their online program;

Earn Your Degree Online!

Welcome to the Online Campus at the College of Southern Nevada. The CSN Online Campus offers hundreds of accredited online college courses in dozens of majors, nineteen online Associate Degrees, seven online Certificate of Achievements, one online Certificate of Completion, and one online Bachelor Degree - plus online student support services at your fingertips."

Degrees, certificates, and where are the Buyer Beware issues for online counseling courses?

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