Non Profit Credit Counseling

Mr. Holmes and the folks at debt consolidation care offer this non-profit credit counseling book free of charge, and you can join in the community of folks working to free themselves of debt, or you can secure professional debt consolidation services.

Benefits of Credit Score

Faster loan approval:

Since scores can be availed in minutes from any of the major credit bureaus, lenders can process loan applications much faster.

Nowadays even mortgage loans can be processed within an hour instead of a week if a borrower passes out the lenders score margin.

Thus credit score helps in two ways. Firstly a borrower can have the loan instantaneously and the lender who is granting the loan can check the credibility of the borrower in minutes.

Credit decisions are Fairer:

Lenders by using the credit score can concentrate on the credit risk of the borrower instead of focusing on other factors pertaining to a borrower like gender, race, religion, nationality, and marital status.

Hence credit decisions taken by the lenders are taken on a free and fair basis.

Older credit problems do no count much

Your past credit problems is not a major problem because credit score always value positive information more than credit problems.

Any recent good payment options made by you which depicts that you are doing your best to manage your credit record regularly will have a positive effect on your credit score.

More credit can be approved

By evaluating credit scores lenders are likely to approve more credit because credit score helps the lender to have a clear picture on the debtor’s ability to pay back the loan in future.

This allows them to take good credit decisions. The use of credit scores allows the lender to grant more loans to individuals because they can have a clear perception about the credit risk they are undertaking on the borrowers behalf.

Decreases the credit rates lower

When the lenders can approve more credit to the borrowers, the cost of availing the credit becomes much lower as well as the cost of granting the credit.

This is just because of availability of online credit scores to the lenders.

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How Credit Scores are calculated?

A credit score can be purchased by a lender along with your credit report.

The calculation of this score is done with the help of mathematical equation which evaluates the information on your credit report at that credit reporting agency.

The information is compared with hundreds of past credit reports and then your future credit risk level is generated.

This credit risk level is considered by the lenders while lending any loan to you.

Average Credit Score of people

Credit Scores 0-620 620-690 690-740 740-780 780-800

In general the range of the scores varies from 300 to 800 and no customer is graded as good or bad. Also there is no single cut off score used by lenders.

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Tips to improve your Credit Score

1. Always try to maintain a good track record of paying your bills on time. This will help you to enhance the credit score.

2. Be aware of the fact that when you miss a payment on any collection accounts and try to close the account the report of the account will always be there on your credit report. So try to avoid that.

3. Visiting a credit counselor will not affect your credit score or make you lose some points. Instead if you can manage your credit well then surely your score will improve in due course of time.

4. You should always try to keep your balances on credit card and other revolving credit card account as low as possible.

5. Try to pay off your debts instead of postponing the payment. Stop closing unused credit card accounts with a view to increase your score.

6. Avoid opening a number of new credit cards which you do not need in order to increase your score as this may put you in trouble later on.

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