My road to divorce

by Diana
(South Jordan, Utah)

Cruise to Mexician Rivera

Cruise to Mexician Rivera

I went to college at BYU and graduated with an Associates Degree in Nursing. Shortly after graduating from college I met someone and married. We had four children.

We started to grow apart when we had difficulties with our first daughter. We just couldn't agree on how to discipline the children.
I worked for most of our married life to help us to make ends meet. I felt guilty because of this and felt I was less of a mother. My husband always promised that I would be able to quit when...... and that time never came.
In 2002 I started my own company, A Home Health Agency. I was very dedicated to this company and worked very hard. My goal was to build the company up and then to sell it for retirement. During this time my husband isolated me from any decisions that were being made for the family and I grew distant from him. Our youngest son went on a mission and shortly after he came home he contracted Cancer (a huge fear for me because I had lost a brother to cancer when I was sixteen.
I was distraught and was looking to my husband to comfort me. I cried a lot and told him my heart was breaking because of my son. He told me to stop crying and that I needed to stop acting that way. He also told me that he did not want me to talk to him about my work. At that time that is all I and go see my son, so I didn't have much to talk to him about. My husband did not

like to go to the hospital, so I often went to see my son alone. My work and the people at work came to be the one I cried to and depended on for support. My husband told my kids that they were not to talk to me about Mike. (I didn't learn of this until later.) So, I was totaly isolated from my family.
It was at this time I realized that my husband and I had fallen out of love.
I tried to talk to him about this without much success. A year after my son's treatments were over, I decided it would be better for me to live alone that to live with someone alone and we divorce.

I have been happy living alone these last three years, but I think it is time I put myself out there. I am still working with my company. I would like to find someone to be a friend, companion and a lover. I want a long term relationship with someone who love and charish me.
I want to travel, meet new people, but I would love to do that with a charished companion. I want to hold hands and kiss, laugh and play, and have many great adventures.


Amazing autobiography. You are an incredibly resilient individual, and it sounds like your son has survived? I sure hope you find your companion for your journey, and I am glad you began a business. Good for you! I know how you can get isolated from your partner. Julie and I work on that and our offices are next door to each other. Thanks for sharing. Mike

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