by Mairead Havern
(Newry Co.down Northern Ireland)

Dont let other people live in your head rent free

i trained in counselling 13 yesrs ago i properly worked with clients for about 3to 4 years. I simply left working with clients directly because i was not getting the proper significant support that i needed that i was or probably assumed i would receive in the placements i worked in. looking back it was probably a blessing because i was able to look at other alternative routes to support people in not only mental but physical and spiritual health. while studying in counselling i got to know some great theorist and probsbly some quite futuristic thought provoking heros and analyasist like freud, jung alder, fitzgerald, and a few others i cant just remember by name right now. The new thought of these outside the box thinkers were a great enlightment to how i knew i viewed the world differently also. some of these women theorist include kline,anna freud were seen as new age thinkers too and to be honest i do think that they would feel more at home in our modern world and might be more accepted now than they were ever appreciated in the early 20th centuary. I attended a workshop lately in relation to slf development and the speaker was a lady who you knew worked with NLP school of thought ( if there is one ) which i knew is a little bit of everything. in one of the groups tssks we where discussing blocks in our personal /professional developements and a young girl in her early 20's. remembered a statment she heard,I dont let anyone live in your head rent free'. wow i thought how simple the words and how big thephrase it speaks volumes. this is what our new age thinkers were trying to get us to do to take action and be free of what other people think we need instead of allowing ourselves to be and know to be all onh our own . thank you and a great site you have here. please send newsleter to the email provided Namste x ( i do not do twitter lol)

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