Memory Brain Power

Dark chocolate increases memory brain power? Yes. That hint will be easy to remember won't it?

But there is bad news, it only takes a square or two for the neurotransmitter impact, and milk chocolate does not work.

No substituting, and no need for a full bar of dark chocolate.

What other tips and hints are there for memory brain power?

The Posit Science folks have provided a number of tips for memory brain power;

The task: Go on a guided tour of a museum or another site of interest. Pay careful attention to what the guide says. When you get home, try to reconstruct the tour by writing an outline that includes everything you remember.

The reason: Research into brain plasticity (the ability of the brain to change at any age) indicates that memory activities that engage all levels of brain operation—receiving, remembering and thinking—help to improve the function (and hinder the rate of decline) of the brain.

Can you spend a few moments of time after a drive recalling some of the things you noticed on the trip? Perhaps things that were different today than on previous days?

Regular practice is the key.

The task: Sit in a place outside your house, such as on a park bench or in a café. Stare straight ahead and don’t move your eyes. Concentrate on everything you can see without moving your eyes, including in your peripheral vision. When you have finished, write a list of everything you saw. Then try again and see if you can add to your list.

The reason: Scientists have shown that the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is crucial to focus and memory, falls off with memory loss and is almost absent in Alzheimer’s patients. This activity should help you reinvigorate the controlled release of acetylcholine in your brain through a useful visual memory task.

More Memory Brain Power Tasks

The task: Practice throwing and catching a ball up in the air. If you’re good at it, take up juggling.

The reason: People who master these kinds of sensory-guided movement activities can hone their brains’ visual, tactile and hand-eye coordination responses, with widespread positive impacts for the brain.

And you thought your were already juggling too many tasks, what with work and the kids and the pets, ....

But that is why we have schedule books, isn't it? 

So it appears that memory brain power can be attended to, practiced, and increased.

It is regular practice that makes those neurons fire together and wire together.

The practice does not have to be intense, and memory does not have to be perfect, in order for your brain to keep this skill for a long time, I just need to exercise the memory neurons regularly.

Mnemonic techniques are useful. I know you remember all those books and articles about association and forming a mental picture of an feature from someone's face that you just met and their last name.

You do remember?

Another of the hints offered by the Posit Science folks is learning to play a musical instrument, and I see that and learning a new language are often prescribed by the brain fitness experts as the kind of novel learning experience required to keep your brain building new brain cells (neurogenesis) and forming new connections between neurons (neuroplasticity).

There are also a number of computerized brain fitness tools available which exercise the memory neurons, with very impressive research reviews.

Of course, some of those tools are from the Posit Science folks.

I bought the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program, and I remember to use it easily, because it impacts my word recall, which is a key skill in my profession, counseling.

Easy to use, and saves me all that vocabulary work from learning a new language. Nobody said this memory brain power stuff had to be hard, right? 

The Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is a wonderful memory task, fun, intriguing, and challenging which improves your IQ. An improved IQ, coupled with emotional intelligence is a wonderful tool for life's success.

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