Marriage Counceling

Richard Bach says that true love stories never have endings.

Sounds like marriage counceling from the heart would be Bach's style.

And John Gottman,Ph.D. says that the Masters of Marriage are those couples who can use repair phrases rather quickly after an argument, and that nurturing positive feelings is a very important skill for couples to have.

Gottman has been studying couples at his Love Lab for around 30 years, I believe and has teased out some very interesting insights about what the Masters of Marriage do to keep their marriage on the Bach track, and offers it to us in his workshop called the Art and Science of Love, which is not a substitute for marriage counceling, of course, but certainly does give us some clues about what it is the Masters do.

Please take a look at what he has to say in the brief video just below, about nurturing positive emotions.

What would marriage counceling look like if we had a tool that could help us nourish positive feelings heart beat by heart beat?

Well, there is such a tool available, called HeartMath, which is a biofeedback tool which teaches us to manage heart rate variability heart beat by heart beat, which makes marriages look like calm and feel contented.

It does not take away or cover up issues, but does make it possible for us to discuss issues from a place of calmness, working toward some mutually satisfactory agreement, arrived at with the heart's affiliative and cooperative intelligence, rather than from a place of intense emotion. Here is another video which talks about HeartMath .

Safe Guarding Your Relationship in Tough Times

HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

Save My Marriage Home Study Course

Marriage Benefit

I know that once I became formally committed in a legal marriage, no longer just cohabitating, I experienced an unexpected benefit.

I had a sense of commitment that was deeper and richer than prior to the public ceremony, and I thought that I was committed.

As a result, my connection to my partner has grown much deeper, and I would find it very difficult to get along without her.

I find myself going to her for support when I am afraid or lonely, and enjoying her playfulness, her touch, and her gaze.

And there are moments of anger, disappointment, and frustration too, and we have worked in marriage counceling also, so I have experienced the benefits personally.

In my opinion, a worthwhile emotional connection has tremendous emotional and physical health benefits, which means that my brain fitness benefits too.

How does ones brain benefit from relationship? You will need to read this excellent book about your brain, Brainfit for Life

to get the full picture of how relationship benefits two key capacities of the human brain, neurogenesis and neuroplasticity.

Save My Marriage Home Study Course

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