Life Coaching Training

Most people approach life coaching training after determining that there may be an aspect of their personal or professional life that is not 'up to snuff."

If you are like me, you begin to search for resources, which will be limited by your personal considerations like location, cost, personal preference, such as face to face contact versus telephone sessions, and how to determine who is qualified, and area of specialization, for example.

When I am looking for help, I want to be able to quickly get the help I want and apply it, but I also do not want to trust naively, and get stuck in a relationship which does not give me the help I want.

I find checking out a providers background credentials to be helpful in making those choices.

Unlike licensed professionals, who are regulated by state legislatures, and have to met minimum educational and licensure credentials, life coaches or personal coaches are not required, at this writing, to meet those kinds of licensure requirements.

Licensure does not assure that every licensed professional is a competant helper, of course, but it does reassure us as consumers that there are minimum educational standards met, for example.

So when evaluating a coach, who is not a psychotherapist, I do look to credentials.

Credentials for Life Coaching Training

The most frequently recognized credentialing organization for coaches is the International Coach Federation and the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches provides a similar service for business coaches.

In the business arena, SCORE might also be a resource. I know many years ago, I was excited to buy a franchise for a yogurt shop, and consulted with SCORE professionals, who helped me recognize that my enthusiasm was coming from a needy place and did not look carefully at the business issues involved. They cautioned that I not follow through until I had made a serious examination of the financial issues, and they were correct. The yogurt franchise business was small and very short lived, which my emotion did not let me see clearly.

So do not forget SCORE.

Let these words from Selena Chavez, at

Guide to Personal Coaching  guide you.

"Personal life coaching can help you shape up key aspects of your life and help you deal with career changes and major life events. A personal coach is not a counselor or therapist, however. In many ways, personal coaching methods are similar to those used by business or executive coaches, but the concept has been expanded to cover more of your personal life-relationships, family matters, productivity, personal satisfaction and career to name a few.

A personal coach offers fresh perspectives on personal challenges and opportunities, as well as methods to hone thinking, decision-making and relational skills. A personal coach can help clients establish goals and objectives and then develop strategies for reaching those goals."

What ever you do in regards to coaching, if your coach is not advising you on brain fitness, I think you are poorly informed.

If I have my brain in good shape, I can make wiser, clearer decisions quicker, and there are a number of very effective tools on the market these days, which I have used and can recommend. Try these. 

Folks using this program increase fluid intelligence, which is our ability to solve problems in new circumstances where we cannot use our old crystalized intelligence.  More problem solving skills? Also not a huge time or financial investment.

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Would you share what you are most grateful for? Your story could be just what another person is searching for to renew themselves? Thanks.

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