by bart
( illinois)

I live in Illinois

I have suffered all my life from depression/anxiety.
Very frustrated with the help (if you can call it that)
I've received over the past thirteen years.
Do you know of any therapist that incorporate a holistic approach in their therapy. Over the years, there have been two short periods in my life where I felt clarity and mental peace. The first time is when I went back to school as an adult after a decade of drug and alchol abuse.
- I got off the drugs and alchol
-was playing raquetball three to four times a week
-and of course, studying and taking classes that I had no familiariety with.

The second time was when I transferred to a State College. I stopped my exercise routine, my diet suffered because I couldn't afford to buy produce on a regular basis. By the end of my second year in Champaign, I had relapsed into another dark depression.
I had gained weight, couldn't focus, obsessivly worried and basically suffered a nervous breakdown.

Somehow I pulled it together but barley. By my senior year, my classmates and professors wanted nothing to do with me. Totally isolated from everyone, I took a phis ed class that was a hodge-podge of different activities. one of the activities was Yoga. This particular type of Yoga was called INGAR I believe. Very few places teach it.

After just two sessions, it was like light and day!
I found my self relaxed with absolutley no symptoms of my anxiety and depression
-no aches and pains
-clarity in thought
-no obsessive negative self

-didn't feel fatigue

That was in 1995
Since then, I have again been caught up in a continual,
repeating cycle of pain, failure, worry, racing thoughts, poor diet, weight gain, no exercise, no money, doubt, hopelessness, ect, ect, ect.....

Over the weekend I saw Dr. Amen's lecture serries on his methods of therapy. I was really impressed by his approach to therapy. It seems like he is really at the top of his game. When I learned about his approach to treating his patients things started falling into place for me. The diet and the exercise, it all started making sense to me why there had only been two distinct times in my life where I was actually free from this curse.

Then I saw what his clinic charges.......
Is there any one out there in the Rockford area that takes this holistic approach of diet, yoga, specific types of exercise, teaching and coaching practical techniques to deal with the negative, destructive thoughts, ect..
Not only am I desperatley begging for help and direction but my wife and children are suffering from this as well.
My father died this past August.
He suffered from depression, anxiety, and finally alzhiemers.
I am walking in his footsteps and what's really scary is that I see my two older kids showing symptoms of this illness.

Anybody out who isn't blinded by greed, who isn't going to sit me on a couch and say, "So, what would you like to talk about today?.....And how do you feel about that,,,,let's explore these issues shall we?, oops sorry our time is up for today"

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