Heartmath Stress

Heartmath stress is an oxymoron. Heartmath is the antidote to stress, and Heartmath is easy to learn and implement, since all one requires to implement Heartmath is the recall of a memory, and the brain in your heart will take it the rest of they way.

Heartmath is a biofeedback program, which means you are observing some real time information about the inside of your body, in this case, your heart rate variabilty coherence, which you will see on a computer screen or on the hand held emWave unit, and you will base your breathing and cognitive processes on changing the coherence of your heart beat while you practice. The computer or emWave will show you how well you are doing (that is the biofeedback) with the cognitive and breathing exercises.

Most folks are quite amazed to see how fast their thoughts impact their physiology. The computer reveals that in real time. Most of my clients test the machine with some thoughts they know will stress them, and are quite amazed when the machine reveals the change in their body. And then they get a real time lesson in how long it takes to return to heart rate variability coherence subsequent to stress. While it is easy to dump some adrenalin and cortisol into the bloodstream, oxidizing it takes some attention to thoughts of appreciation, maybe up to 20 minutes for a Diffuse Physiological Arousal.

Once you have achieved a certain level of expertise, using the Heartmath coach, your body will have learned how to replicate the process, and you will no longer need the computer for stress management to happen. In other words, you can begin to be aware of this very subtle experience and maybe even practice every five minutes for a heart beat or two.

Your Heart Has Its Own Brain for Heartmath Stress

Didn't know that your heart had a brain? Your heart has a very sophisticated nervous system, which indeed has enough power to learn and make decisions. That heart brain feeds a great deal of information upward about the status of your emotions, and when my heart rate variability is coherent, there is a very important impact on the brain.

Your brain grows new brain cells daily if you are taking care of the pillars of brain fitness, one of which is stress management, and those new neurons can become involved in the hippocampus for memory strengthening if they are not sabotaged by too much adrenalin and cortisol.

That heart brain is an affiliative and cooperative brain also, which would fit with our experience of love being a heart centered experience.

So perhaps you are wondering how long it would take for you to learn how to do the Heartmath process?

I became confident in my ability to impact heart rate variability coherence after six practices, each one half hour long.

I have had only two clients in ten years of teaching about Heartmath take more than ten sessions to learn the tool, which means five hours of practice.

In other words, I could feel the change to contentment inside my body just like I felt it when I was actually hooked up to the computer. But this time all it took was the recall of my Heartmath cue thought.

So I can literally have a powerful stress management neurogenesis inducing tool on any given heart beat? Absolutely.

Not sure about you, but I will take this tool over booze, drugs, or overeating anyday. 

Would You Share What You Are Most Grateful For?

Very early in my personal growth experience, a wise person taught me to use the phrase "gratitude is the attitude" when I was resentful or afraid and that phrase has helped me feel better tens of thousands of times.

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