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HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

I have been using the Heartmath emwave and the rest of the Heartmath suite of tools personally and professionally since 2000, about 12 years now, and I have had a wonderful personal experience with it, and I believe my clients have also. Here are three I highly recommend.

Heartmath Emwave 

emWave PC Stress Relief System 

Handheld Emwave 

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Not only is the Heartmath emwave easy to teach and learn, it offers a profound metaphor for relationships of any kind, marriage, professional, parenting, sports, you name it, every relationship has a heart beat, which can be in coherence or incoherent in a heart beat, depending on the thoughts of the participants.

If the participants recognize that there is actually a heart beat of the relationship, not just a metaphorical heart beat, and that it needs to be attended to almost heart beat by heart beat, conflicts can be much shorter, perhaps even just a heart beat.

And if not shorter, conflict which includes a recognition that cooperation and affiliation are the tools rather than domination or obliteration will be much more effective conflicts.

Luckily for us the Heartmath folks have created some personal tools we can carry with us, or a version we can install on our PC to learn Heartmath.

By the way, Heartmath emwave is a biofeedback tool, so it is going to give you almost real time information about a process which we are not usually aware of and you are going to learn how quickly your thinking and breathing impact your biology.

You will see it on the hand held unit, or on your computer monitor, and you may be confused about the concept of biofeedback, but if you do the Freeze Frame process, which is a quick little mental checklist, you will see the impact on your physiology right away.

I use the Heartmath PC version in my practice and my clients will routinely test the technology by privately creating some thoughts they know are stressful to see if the machine will pick it up, and most folks who do that, if they tell me they did it, notice that the computer did 'see' their test.

The speed at which our thoughts impact our heart rate variability coherence really surprises most folks, which is an excellent mindfulness training tool, as is the actual report on the computer screen of how long periods of incoherence last, and how long, with a bit of practice, periods of coherence last.

Clients seem amazed at the feeling of contentment experienced subsequent to a Heartmath emwave session, and I love to tell them how many heart beats they had in that period of coherence, how many times their eyes moistened, how many times they breathed while in that coherent heart rate, and then I always ask them if the good feelings they experienced during and after the session were the result of them getting richer, or better looking.

Everyone gets it that their good feelings were the result of their thinking and breathing, and not anything external.

Now the task becomes getting clients to practice the Heartmath process frequently, perhaps for 2 heart beats every five minutes, just because they can and they like to feel good.

Then when a stressor is perceived, the stress response lasts only as long as it needs last, because it doesn't feel good.

HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

How Can Heartmath Emwave Work in a Marriage?

I usually teach the participants to do the Heartmath emwave process individually, and then bring them together and hook them up to computers side by side, bring themselves to coherence, and then hold hands.

Then I ask them to attend to their own coherence, and we do this process for 20 minutes while the computer monitors their performance, and this experience gives all of us a great deal to talk about.

Both participants get it that the relationship does have a very dynamic heart beat all its own, that must be attended to heart beat by heart beat.

The participants understand that the coherence of the relationship heart beat is dependent on their own coherence, and that long periods or relationship coherence can happen heart beat by heart beat.

Incoherence can be changed to coherence with awareness and choice of breathing and thinking, and the couple can improve significantly with attention.

Since participants do not speak during the session, and if they are incoherent, they see first hand what the thought they are creating does to their physiology, and if it is a thought about a problem in the relationship as they perceive it, awareness is increased about the value of creating and sustaining thoughts of gratitude.

The idea for the participants is not to deny that there are issues to resolve, but to get it that they can change their insides, their thinking and feelings on demand, so they can problem solve from a place of gratitude, cooperation, and affiliation.

Heartmath Emwave and Brain Fitness?

The Heartmath suite of tools has a powerful impact on neurogenesis or the growth of new brain cells daily.

That is right, you can encourage the growth of neurons, and they become available to sustain memory if they grow into a brain that is ready for them, which means a brain that has stress hormones when needed, a brain that is fed and rested and exercised, and challenged by novel learning experiences.

Never heard of neurogenesis? Not many folks have, because that capacity of the human brain was unknown to us until about 10-12 years ago, just like the sophistication of the heart's own nervous system was unknown to us.

Didn't know your heart had its own brain, which has a huge impact on the brain in your head. In fact mastering the Heartmath emwave process makes opens the higher perceptual centers of the brain for better decision making, so there is obviously a tremendous synergy in heart and brain coherence.

You can really begin to impact that synergy with the Heartmath emwave, then try the Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro for increased IQ and brain fitness.

Would You Share What You Are Most Grateful For?

Very early in my personal growth experience, a wise person taught me to use the phrase "gratitude is the attitude" when I was resentful or afraid and that phrase has helped me feel better tens of thousands of times.

Would you share your favorite gratitude story by clicking here? Your story may be just what another person needs to renew themselves.

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