Your Heart Math

Heart Math? The phrase seems to imply that your heart can do arithmetic, and maybe algebra if your heart is a Mensa kind of heart.

Believe it or not, your heart does have a brain of its own, and that brain can learn a coherent heart rate, which adds time to your life, and when you add a coherent heart rate to your decision making brain, your dilemma's are resolved more effectively.

So Heart Math doesn't involve a paper and pencil and a text book, it involves training a living, breathing powerful, loving, organ to make itself coherent, which means that the time between heart beats is consistent.

Never heard of Heart Math or a brain in your heart or biofeedback?

You are not alone in that. The research on the heart's sophisticated nervous system is very new in the scheme of things, coming along in the last 20 years or so.

Learning your heart's math adds a number of significant advantages to your life skills though.

The most important to me is the ability to increase my brain fitness, which is a concept emerging from research that has happened in the last 10-15 years. We grow new brain cells every day, which is called neurogenesis, and that process can be enhanced by learning HeartMath, or heart rate variability biofeedback.

Heart-Math and the New Model of Neuroscience

The old model of neuroscience was that we grew neurons and brain circuitry when we were little and then we stopped growing neurons and circuits at a certain age, and then we began losing brain circuits and neurons until ending up a doddering fool at "the old people's home.'

Not true, we grow new brain cells every day, and your Heart's Math can play a part in that.

More than likely, the search phrase heart math refers to Heartmath, which is a name given to a biofeedback tool from the Institute of Heartmath, and Heart Math is a computerized process, which trains the brain in your heart to beat coherently when you give it a cue, or a thinking or breathing tool, and that coherent beat tells the brain, where you have been growing new neurons, that it is OK to open the higher perceptual centers for really effective decision making.

Like most measurements of physiological processes, heart rate variability coherence is a measure of a very brief period of time, which has a huge impact on both the quality and quantity of my life, which makes learning to manage this particular process so much more important.

Heartmath is a computerized program which teaches me about how my thinking a breathing impacts my heart rate variability coherence even while I am sitting quietly.

I have been using the tool with my clients since 2000 and I am always amazed to see the "AHA" happening as clients get it that they can manage what has always before been beyond our ability to exert any control over.

Not only manage it but feel good while doing that, and understand that one's physiology is such a dynamic process constantly changing in response to perceptions and interpretations of the environment, and then to learn that managing heart rate variability is a key piece of growing new neurons is like the icing on the cake.

Biofeedback means that the tool is learned by the way, so I do not need to sit down at a computer every time I want to do it. I practice at a computer, until I can feel the Heart Math change happening, then I can more than likely cue the physiology using my cue thought and trust that I am successful without needing to be hooked up, which makes this tool effective for any decrease in heart rate variability anytime it happens, on any given heart beat.

In fact, I can practice it just because I like feeling good.

Click below for access to the amazing Heartmath brain and heart saver. 

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