Frugal Gifts

Frugal Gifts

Never heard of Terapeak before? Neither had I until I began to research some ideas for the frugal counselor and frugal gift ideas.

As I researched I came across the blog linked to below, by Frugalite, who offers ideas for finding the best prices online.

One of the tools mentioned is to search price histories on Terapeak, which is price histories from e-bay.

I imagine the strategy is to make sure that the price I might see at Target, for example, is the lowest I can find. Being the bright webmaster that I am, I joined the Terapeak affiliate program, and I am passing along the following links so you to can take advantage of the information to find the best deals possible in your search for a frugal lifestyle.

I also want to suggest the Living on a Dime E-Books and also the e-book from Blue Ridge Publishing, owned by Michelle Jones. She outlines how she saved $18,000.00 using coupons.

Find the lowest price online using Frugalite's ideas, and live frugally by reading about Tawra's experiences.

Living on a Dime E-Books

How to Get the Lowest Gift Prices on the Web!

Frugal Lite's Strategies

Friday, November 14, 2008 How I Get the Lowest Price on the Web

When it comes to buying anything on the web (especially expensive items), I have a strategy that I use in order to get the lowest price. Below are the step that you can use in order to get the best price on the web.

Use price comparison websites such as Google Product Search,, Yahoo! Shopping, MSN shopping, and Dealoz (for media items). Look at reviews of the retailers.

Go to ev'reward to look for the highest amount cash back offered and promo codes. Go to to find other current coupons. At this point, I recommend you look at my previous post.

Look at price history websites (camelcamelcamel,, and in order to determine if the price is steadily going up or down. This might help you decide the best time to buy the item you are looking for.

Look at price histories of that item on eBay by going to terapeak. (See link at beginning of my post)

Write a review of the item (if available) and get paid a $5 rebate. Search for the purchased item at to see if you can write a review.

Look for manufacturer rebates at websites such as Rebates and

Please pay attention to Frugallites caution about rebate houses going out of business. 

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