Fit Brains and Ask Mike the Counselor

by Michael

Hi Mike,

My name is Michael Macintyre and I am an Online Marketer for Fit Brains – The world’s leader in online games for Brain Training and Brain Fitness.

I first off want to say that I love your site and have been a fan for some time now. Your content is very unique and as a result very close to our target audience…hence the reason I am contacting you today.

We would be very interested in discussing an opportunity for AskMiketheCounselor and to partner via an affiliate relationship – exposing your audience to the leader in online Brain games. With over 25 games focusing on the 5 major brain areas, more than 15 Brain trainers for personalized training programs, detailed performance tracking and the ability for friends to play and challenge each other.

I believe that your website would benefit greatly from the promotion of Fit Brains subscriptions– as it presents the best possible combination of Brain Training and entertainment available on the net.

We offer many advanced tools for our affiliates to utilize and our programs conversion rates have proven to be much higher than our competitors. We also are willing to offer exclusive offers and promotions.

I would very much welcome the opportunity to discuss this proposal further via conference call. Is there a day/time that would work best for you?

Warmest Regards and I look forward to hearing from.


From Mike Logan

Hello All, Here is a link to a 25% off coupon for the excellent Fit Brains program. The link will take you to the Fit Brains sign-up page, and as you scroll down you will see the 25% off part. You can certainly look around and explore the excellent Fit Brains concepts. Mike Logan

Fit Brains Thanks.

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