Emwave Personal Stress Reliever

The emwave personal stress reliever is the new marketing name for what I and users from more that a couple of years ago used to call Heartmath heart rate variability biofeedback.

There is now a hand held unit which was initially called the emWave, but now both the PC and hand held unit go by the moniker of emwave personal stress reliever.

No matter the name, the Heartmath heart rate variability biofeedback process is an integral part of what I do in my anger management and domestic violence groups, and it has been for ten years. (I use it personally too).

I first became aware of Heartmath when I heard other EEG biofeedback providers speaking of it in a list serve maintained by EEG Spectrum.

Those providers were very enthusiastic about the tool, which trained heart rate variability coherence rather than EEG, so I decided to check it out, and I discovered that a hospital very close by was offering trainings and their nursing staff had taken advantage of the Heartmath tool also.

So I went to the training and got to try the emwave personal stress reliever computerized version and based on the ease of use, I bought it and incorporated it into my anger management and domestic violence psychoeducational groups.

Before my laptop was stolen, I would hook one of the participants of the group up to the computer with a finger sensor and let the machine begin to measure the clients heart rate variability so that they could monitor the biofeedback and attend to the Freeze Frame, or the cognitive behavioral therapy part of the emwave personal stress reliever process, while the group discussion swirled around them.

Clients were often quite surprised to experience the amount of control they could exert over what is usually a subconscious process (heart rate variability) in the midst of a very noisy environment.

Clients were also quite intrigued to see a computer feed them a picture of one of the millions of processes happening in their body in almost real time, and the group members not hooked up to the machine were often quite intrigued to hear the machine indicate that someone had entered into a high coherence heart rate variability (calm, content) even as significant noise swirled around them.

Another great teaching tool for clients was to understand that achieving a coherent heart rate variability meant that they were operating from their affiliative and cooperative heart intelligence rather than their power and control beliefs.

Clients observed first hand how quickly their thoughts took them out of coherence and if they were not skilled at the Freeze Frame process, how long it might take for them to return to coherence.

Using the emwave personal stress reliever in group offered a number of very cool teaching points.

I have also used this tool with clients who were worried or anxious, seemingly stuck in a dilemma which seemed to offer no way out for them.

Seeing that they can exert control over what is usually an unconscious physiological process, the time time between their heart beats, and experiencing that coherent heart rate variability feels good, clients are encouraged to begin to at least do more Heartmath practice, and often client's begin to take some action on the dilemma after experiencing success with their own feelings and thingking.

I think clients get from the emwave experience in dilemma circumstances that they can take some action because they can feel good no matter what the outcome of their actions to solve the external world problem.

I believe that the heart beat of a marriage can be attended to both physically and metaphorically using the emwave personal stress reliever too.

I have had couples learn the emwave stress relief process individually and then hook up to tandem computers, get themselves coherent, and hold hands, and watch how quickly their individual coherence can change.

If individuals in a relationship are not attending to its heart beat, it only takes one negative or suspicious thought to move the marriage or relationship as a whole to an incoherent heart beat, so with that awareness, couple need to make decisions about keeping appreciative or gratitude thoughts versus suspicion thoughts, and they need to attend to that process heart beat by heart beat.

From that awareness, that the affiliative and coherent heart beat needs to be attended to quickly, couples can begin to learn to address their own physiology and the heart beat of the relationship much earlier than ever before, and from an actual physiology of cooperation and affiliation.

Hopefully you are getting a sense of how I incorporate the emwave personal stress reliever model into my psychoeducational and counseling practice.

It offers a number of very important benefits, and we haven't even gotten to family or business or teams yet.

Can you imagine everyone on an athletic team or in a family getting on the same heart beat?

Brainfit for Life and Emwave?

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