The EmWave PC Stress Relief System

I have been using the emWave PC stress relief system, formerly known as Heartmath, personally and professionally since the year 2000, and I am delighted with it.

I believe the emWave PC stress relief system is an excellent model for personal responsibility, since it teaches that your heart rate variability coherence, which is inside you, and I have to emphasize that reality frequently to my clients, is contingent on your breathing and thinking.

The inside of you is removed from external circumstances, in other words.

You can feel good and live a productive life heart beat by heart beat without winning the lottery or being good looking or having a new Porsche.

Many of my domestic violence and anger management clients do not buy that, at least initially, but after a few practices, and most clients come to the emWave PC stress relief system with an open mind, folks are more open to traditional counseling techniques like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy because they find themselves feeling relaxed after a practice, and if this 'computer thing' helps with relaxation/stress relief, then maybe that other stuff can help too.

The biofeedback on the computer screen is just an outstanding way for clients to see and experience that it is their thought about a circumstance that brings stress chemistry in to their lives.

Many of my clients start off a Heartmath session with a plan to see if the computer can really reflect their thinking, so they sit down, and follow the very helpful coach, who teaches them the breathing and thinking tools which will move them into the heart rate variability coherence, and then they secretly create a stress thought, and are amazed when the computer reports that they have moved into a stressful or incoherent heart rate, and then are a bit disappointed that it takes some effort to move back into relaxation, much more effort than it took for their to be stress chemistry.

And all of this happens while they are sitting quietly, in my office, not out in the 'real world' under fire from the boss or the family.

The next thing to really like about the emWave PC stress relief system is that it is easy to learn. The biofeedback aspect makes the process of stress management learned, and linking it to a heart beat makes the experience memorable, and clients are not worried that the process is too esoteric or meditative or weird for them to learn.

In fact, I have only had one client in ten years take more than 10 sessions to get the emWave PC stress release process.

This system can be a part of so many counseling situations. I have used it to demonstrate to couples that there is a heartbeat to relationships, separate from the heartbeats of the individuals, and most get the metaphor much more clearly after working on their own individual coherence and seeing how fast that coherence can change based on their thinking.

HeartMath. Step Away from Stress and Find Ease

Appreciating the Emwave PC Stress Relief System

Clients begin to experience the reality of appreciation and cooperation and gratitude thoughts on their physiology individually and on the Heart Beat of the Relationship. Clients begin to get it that their insides or feelings and thoughts are contingent on what happens in their head and lungs, rather than what their partners are doing for them.

In my mind, the really powerful part of the metaphor is that this can be done heart beat by heart beat. Life can get broken down into very short increments and lived well over and over again. After all, if your heart stops, is there any need for stress management.

The program is also very easy to install on your computer and it is very easy to run, so you do not have to pay your local counselor to teach you the emWave PC stress relief process. The Heartmath folks have got all that covered for you, and just so you know, if even one person in the family learns the tool, everyone can benefit, because that one strong rhythmic beat impacts all the other within the vicinity, so if your family scoffs, do it anyway. 

Learn even more about the Emwave here.

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