Divorce Rate Statistics

Divorce Rate Statistics in today's world are staggering.

Divorce Rate Statistics

US.Gov has this to say about the Divorce statistics.

The Crude Divorce Rate Statistics Method

According to the CDC.Gov site, the Marriage rate was 6.9 per one thousand people, and the divorce rate was 3.2 per thousand people. That is almost fifty-fifty chance of marital success in America. This is called the Crude Divorce Rate.

Divorce RateTable Courtesy of CDC.Gov

Broken down this way, in 2015, (excluding Georgia and Louisiana, there was a population of 321,418,820.  There were 2,221,579 marriages. There were approximately 800,909 divorce or annulments in that year in America alone.

Then you have the other side of the coin, where the NY Times article stated, “Divorce rates increased in the 1970s and 1980s, but in the last 20 years they have dropped.” 

Then the Business Insider gives us even more conflicting statistics of where America’s divorce rate  stands saying it is as high as 53%.

Compared to other countries such as Czech Republic, Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Luxembourg, at a rate as high a 60%, and Belgium with the highest at 70%.

The Truth About the Divorce Rate Statistics

The simple fact of the matter, is people are waiting for marriage. There are more mature, adult relationships, that are longer lasting, resulting in a lower divorce rate.

The average age for marriage for both men and women in the 1970’s, was about 21-22 years old. In the late 1990’s it rose to 24-25 years of age. Today most people are waiting until they are 27-29 years old.

Other reasons why people are waiting until an older age to marry could be due to the social bombardment that happens. Through peer pressure, social media, television and movies, young adults are constantly given mixed messages about relationships and marriage.  Coupled with what they have seen at home, they may even fear marriage.

If you add some of the ‘lifestyle choices’ into their lives, they might consider sexual promiscuity over a lifetime commitment to a one person. 

Another deciding factor about marriage today is nearly one third of millennials, also known as Generation Y, and born in the 1980s to mid1990s, are opting to stay at home to live with their parents. 

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