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Counselors in Business

Are you a counselor, a social worker, a psychologist, a certified addictions counselor, an administrator, a psychiatrist who is overwhelmed with insurance forms and regulatory agencies and ceu's and licensing requirements and certifications and dues and court cases and testimony and report writing...well, I am sure you get the picture.

Perhaps you are looking for a less stressful way to earn a living, one that allows a little more freedom from the schedule book and a little more time to pursue the deeper reason you got involved in the helping professions anyway.

I am creating just such a scenario and it is starting to take off.

I found a mentor, Bob Jenkins, who used to be a teacher, and even created a website called Teachers in Business to help teachers create more than a survival income so that they could pursue their passion for the classroom without sacrificing economic safety and security.

Bob is now making (more than) enough with his own online business that he literally had to begin teaching students online. In other words, his own success made him choose between bricks and mortar classrooms and the virtual classroom.

One of the products that Bob created is called Discover Free Mind.

That product is a tutorial for an open source program called Free Mind, which is a mind mapping software that allows you, me, and everyone else who has piles of to-do lists, and inspired insights scribbled on legal pads to organize that material online.

Bob's tutorial shortens the learning curve for Free Mind, which I now keep open on my computer while I build my online business. Any insight or "Aha" I quickly add to Free Mind, and then I move it to the background until such time as I want to get to it, but it is where I can see it regularly, which is not the case for my stacks of scribbles.

All of the links below are tools you could build a business around. If you buy one of them by clicking on the link below, I make a commission. And so would you, were you to become an affiliate. Affiliate programs are free to join, by the way.

All you need to do is get traffic to a website or blog.

If your experience in the helping field has been like mine, you have developed some neat little insights or adaptations of your favorite material, and those adaptations could be the basis of a web site and a web business all of your own.

That web business would allow you to untie from your schedule book and your insurance forms and have more free time for your kids, for example. Or, since it is spring, to renew yourself in the hammock with a good book.

Of course, your web site will need a platform, and if you are like me and have no technical skills for such things as c-panel, you will need a suite of web building tools.

Try the SBI Model.

And if you buy the SBI tools, of course, I make an affiliate commission, as will you when other professionals purchase through your affiliate link.

One of the things that makes SBI so neat is its two tier affiliate program, which means that if you were to purchase through an affiliate link of mine, and a friend purchased through your affiliate link, I would make a commission on your friend's purchase.

I would also get paid each time you renewed, which can make for a growing income each month, just from SBI renewals.

I invite to click on the link and take a look through the SBI materials. Every thing you need to be successful is there.

Are you intrigued about online opportunities? But do not know a bit from a byte from a blog? Then click the link below to find out about an elearning class from Sitesell that you take from the comfort of your home office, or your office office. Check it out. Thanks. Mike

eLearning With Sitesell?

Or perhaps you would like to have someone build your website? Well, SBI aka known as Sitesell can do that to.

SiteSell Will Build it For You

Healing the Pocket Book with Water.

If you're like me, you're very concerned with the drinking and bathing quality of water. In fact, if you've found this site at all, then you must already know about how serious some of these concerns are.

As consumers and educated citizens, we've witnessed the huge trend of people turning towards natural health -- the rise of the organic food moment, the backlash against pesticides, the booming of local farmer's markets, and so forth -- and now, we're starting to wake up to the most important thing we can do for our health: drinking pure water.

The sad reality is, though, in an era of rising health consciousness, our drinking water purity is declining. Some comprehensive studies are now showing that there are over 2,100 toxins in our drinking water. These toxins include: chlorine, lead, chemicals that get into the water supply from large farming run offs, and corporate pollution.

All of this stuff may be found in your tap water.

I know my wife is very concerned for drugs in the drinking water, and since we have a well, I am concerned for the micro-organisms in the water.

So how can we make ourselves safe, and earn money? Aquasana offers a two tier affiliate program which is an incredible opportunity for residual income.

Would You Share Something That You Are Grateful For?

When I was beginning my personal growth journey, a wise person told me that when I was feeling resentful or afraid or sad, that I should remember the phrase "gratitude is the attitude" when I was ready to feel better. That phrase has helped me feel better tens of thousands of times.

Would you share what you are most grateful for? Your story could be just what another person is searching for to renew themselves? Thanks.

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