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Meet Julie Logan, RN, LCSW

To start your counseling in Rockford experience, please give Julie Logan, RN, LCSW, a call at 815-316-2621. Her e-mail is

Julie is a licensed clinical social worker and RN with a great deal of experience in hospice and pain management.

Julie is a mom, a wife, a business woman, who can coach or do therapy in person or over the phone on any number of issues that we humans face, for example, marriage counseling, individual counseling, parenting, personal growth, end of life, pain management, grieving.

Julie is a group leader, doing experiential work with both women and mixed gender groups, and invites you to consider that option.

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Mike Logan, MS. I can provide domestic violence psychoeducation, and anger management training for court ordered folks from any county in Illinois, but my referrals are primarily from Winnebago County.

My domestic violence psychoeducation program is called Controlling Community Violence, and you can reach me at 815-484-0946 for information, or e-mail me at Be sure to make the heading say Controlling Community Violence so I will be sure to see it if your e-mail ends up in my spam folder.

I am available for coaching also, by phone or in person. My specialty is personal growth. I have tried a number on peak performance tools in the last 30 years and I think I can help you find some insights for increasing your level of performance.

Be aware though, that the key to increasing your level of performance is in relaxation, not tension. It may seem like an enigma, performing well under pressure by relaxing, but that is it in a nutshell. (Think Flow)!

Please check out the link to Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro below.

The Mind Spark program increases IQ scores and you see the difference on a test. Do it at my office or at home, the benefits are the same.

I am also a licensed one on one provider for Heartmath, which is a wonderful heart rate variability biofeedback training, easy to learn, and a real feel good tool, which has tremendous impact on stress management and brain fitness.

Heartmath is a training that has grown out of research in a new field called neurocardiology. The heart has a nervous system all of its own, and there are enough of those neurons in the heart that they can learn and make decisions independently of any other brain we have.

The biofeedback process involves real time feed back from a computer which gives me information about the time between heartbeats. I can see very powerfully the changes that happen to the time between heart beats when I think loving thoughts or stress thoughts, like, "Oh Lord, the gas bill is late!" Most folks are amazed at how quickly stress impacts the body, and how long it can continue if I do not 'change the thought to change the feeling."

Folks learning Heartmath get that they can manage the physiology of heart rate coherence and incoherence by regulating breathing and thinking, and set themselves a new coherent baseline for their heart beat, which feels good and opens up the higher perceptual centers of the brain too.

While Heartmath may sound complicated, it is easy to learn.

I have had very few folks take more that five or six one hour sessions to get it, and often folks are good at the skill coming in and just need the training to remind themselves to practice more regularly.

You can buy the program yourself and install on your home computer and follow the very easy tutorials and be very successful or you can see me for a 10 session package for $400.00.

The nice thing about learning Heartmath is that once you have learned it, actually the brain in your heart has learned that it is to regulate itself when you give it a certain thought and/or image, your heart will become coherent without your having to hook up to the computer, so you can change your coherence anytime anyplace, even practice it for a couple of heart beats every five minutes because you can.

emWave2 by HeartMath LLC


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