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Counseling books are going to be part of most searches for information on counseling, whether you are a client interested in knowledge about your topic, or self-improvement, or self-help, or you are a student mastering the intricacies of your basic counseling skills class, or a professional seeking information on Allen Schore's attachment work.

But these days you can get counseling books by the chapter, in an e-book format, you can rent the book, you can buy a used book, and you can certainly check out your local library.

Perhaps your phone could be your library.

For yours truly, reading counseling books is a perk, because I like nothing more than a book and some coffee and a rocking chair to while away an afternoon, although you can now use your kindle to read counseling books electronically, or listen to podcasts or CD's while you drive, for example, but counseling books to keep up with the latest developments in the field are a must.

I Can Rent A Counseling Book? Rent a Chapter of a Counseling Book?

Check this out. " rents textbooks, sells new print textbooks, eBooks, eChapters (individual digital chapters) plus print and digital study tools. Students are provided choice and savings when they shop at eBooks are priced 50% off list price of a regular print textbook while eChapters start as low as $1.99 each."

This innovative teaching and learning package offers an interactive combination of a worktext, CD-ROM, and videocassette to cover the fundamental counseling responses (skills) found in any of the helping professions. A basic primer to teach helping responses, it doesn't delve into the underlying theories or any of the more advanced techniques. It's basically a how-to project for those learning to become counselors. Using worktext, videocassette, and CD-ROM, users will learn a new, simplified model for recognizing and using counseling responses. This unparalleled package is the ideal vehicle to provide students with a simple format for learning basic counseling responses like empathy, paraphrasing, and self-disclosure. Plus, the complete package is priced affordably to effectively meet the needs of different approaches and budgets. For example, you can use it alone or in concert with a book that takes a theories approach.

BASIC AND ADVANCED COUNSELING provides a unique emphasis on skill assessment, helping you evaluate and improve your counseling technique. Authors Marlowe Smaby and Cleborne Maddux use a framework of self-assessment tools and guided observations by experienced counselors—the Skilled Counselor Training Model—to encourage you to develop an accurate appraisal of your own skill level. In addition, a DVD developed in conjunction with the text helps you connect classroom lessons to practical situations. BASIC AND ADVANCED COUNSELING offers you training on how to transfer counseling skills to actual counseling sessions, as well as how to promote positive outcomes with clients.

THE GRIEF ASSESSMENT AND INTERVENTION WORKBOOK: A STRENGTHS PERSPECTIVE is an exceptional new workbook that provides focused, practical guidance to help students function effectively in their roles as helpers when dealing with the dying or death of clients or clients' loved ones. Designed for use in social work and counseling courses on grief and loss, grief counseling, and bereavement therapy courses, the text can also serve as a valuable supplemental resource for practice or field courses across multiple disciplines. Using a strengths-perspective approach, the authors explore various theories of grief and delineate several intervention approaches, including developmental and cultural factors that impact the severity of grief reactions. The text also provides several grief assessment instruments used by practitioners, in-depth case scenarios to illustrate key concepts, and hands-on exercises for applying grief assessment and intervention techniques. 

Develop your own individualized counseling style using Corey's best-selling THEORY AND PRACTICE OF COUNSELING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY. You will see each of the major theories of counseling (psychoanalytic, Adlerian, existential, person-centered, Gestalt, reality, behavior, cognitive-behavior, family systems, feminist and, and postmodern approaches) as it is used in practice through a case study focused on one client, "Stan." The case of "Stan" appears in each chapter so you can see for yourself how the theory presented in that chapter informs therapeutic decision making. "At-a-Glance" charts pinpoint the major differences between theories in areas such as multicultural focus, basic philosophies, and limitations. The new Expert Theory Case Analysis Website (access is included with each new textbook) gives you the opportunity to interactively practice applying various approaches to a range of simulated cases. 

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