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Any Search for a Counseling Book Has Got to Start With Brainfit for Life

Pick just one counseling book? Impossible. Well, picking a counseling book would have been easier prior to the explosion of publishing which has come with the internet.

Authors at one point had to work with publishers who held sway over which authors got published, but the computer and internet have changed all that.

I can put together something very quickly and become a best seller on Amazon in the very near future, which is both the blessing and the curse of the computer and the internet.

There has been a democritization of publishing, so authors who have something very important to say can self-publish now, and self-market without having to appeal to the publishing houses need for profit. The problem with that is there are fewer safe guards for accuracy and clarity, so when looking at books, and a counseling book in particular, there is a need to read with a discerning eye, and check and double check the accuracy and research involved.

So having said that, over the years their have been some books which have made a huge difference in how I do counseling.

The first is the Big Book of AA. In fact, I have found in that book references which in my mind link to REBT, the school of therapy made famous by Albert Ellis, M.D., and the Solution Oriented Brief Therapy model which began to come online if you will in the 1970's, so those winos who were struggling to stay alive linked to some powerful truths.

They also linked to Carl Jung, an amazing depth psychologist whose work informs many counselors yet today.

Personally, I have really enjoyed the work of early codependency writers and leaders like Terry Gorski, Claudia Black, Robert Subby, and Sharon Wegschieder-Kruse.

Charles Whitfield,MD, who wrote "Alcoholism and Spirituality", introduced me to Robert Assogioli, and Stan Grof,M.D., and his work on holotropic breathwork, and Robert Bly's book Iron John.

Bly's work and Robert Moore's work on the archetypes of the masculine psychology influences what I do today in my domestic violence and anger management groups.

My work with EEG biofeedback and Heartmath or heart rate variability biofeedback took me to the research of Allan Schore on attachment and his work and its depth is amazing after even ten years of use.

And now because of the internet, I can buy and resell used books, I can buy e-book versions of text books, or rent text books, or rent or buy a chapter of a text book.

There a number of resources for your use in finding the perfect counseling book. Here are a few.

I am sure when you do your internet search for counseling book, you may have something specific in mind

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