Consolidated Credit Counseling

This material is from the introduction to Jason Holmes' e-book called, "Credit Score-The Quintessential Therapy for a Happy Pocket, and it tells all.

The book and the site that the book is listed on is both a professional and DIY bootstrap kind of place for us "a little bit behind on our debt" folks.

From the Introduction-

"Debt Consolidation Care is a premium quality website rendering its members with debt consolidation solutions along with free financial analysis and counseling.

The site offers resources & guidance on debt related issues.

Experienced credit counseling is arranged to analyze the best solution for every debtor, keeping in mind their present financial status.

The Article section in the site offers you a wide range of informative articles. Important synopsis on American State Laws & their proceedings are also helpful.

“Do It Yourself” guides the debtors to plan a budget, assess financial limits & consolidate debts, without the help of a debt consolidation company.

A step by step guidance on bad credit repairing is also available in the site.

Creditor’s database comprises of creditor’s information across all the States of America.

There is also a varied range of sample letters written to the creditors for your requirements.

A smart Reduction Calculator calculates the total debt amount & savings you are likely to have if you opt for debt consolidation.

The forum is a joint for open discussions and useful advice on any debt related issues. It is also a place to chill out with mutual conversations between friends. The customers are handled with immense care and are rendered with prompt services and useful solutions.

The pivotal vision of debt consolidation care is to build a debt free community in the very near future.

About Debt Samaritans

Debt Samaritans are the volunteers who are dedicated reformers and devote time to counsel and advice the debt struck people from the claws of debt and financial miseries.

A debt Samaritan has a helpful and a compassionate mind. He empathizes with people in debt.

He is the one to whom others can bank on at times of financial trouble.

A selfless heart and a helpful spirit along with some knowledge of solving debt and financial problems are qualities one needs to possess in order to become a Debt Samaritan.

It is just not funds you need, but a patient hearing and a hand to guide you through the rough financial patch is equally important.

If you want to join the Samaritan's Club you are just a smile away.

A person who voluntarily offers help can join our Debt Samaritan Club.

There are no formalities to become a Debt Samaritan. All you have to do is mail or and express your desire towards this noble cause. Also mention the reason behind your wish to enact this role. Back to Index 2005-2009 © 4

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Consolidate your credit card debt

The author of the E- Book, Peter Samuels is a Debt Samaritan from the debt consolidation care site. He is a Financial Consultant by profession and a visiting consultant for other financial sites. Inspired by the vision of the debt consolidation care team, “of building a debt free community in the near future”, he has volunteered gladly to be a part-taker of this noble mission. His contributions are dedicated to guide the general masses who are suffering from debt and financial problems. Edited by Jason Holmes, who is a regular writer with the debt consolidation care team and a contributory writer for other financial sites. Conceptualized by Denny Mathew who is the admin and an integral part of the debt consolidation care team. 

Chapter 1-What is a Credit Score

What is a Credit Score?

A credit score is a number which is assigned to you, generated by the credit bureaus by reviewing your past credit history.

It helps the lenders in determining whether you have the financial strength to return the money within the given time period.

In a nut shell it is like a synopsis of your credit worthiness. Credit score is the most important aspect that determines your financial future.

Carrying a good credit score is an asset and can assure you of a secured financial future.

On the other hand a bad credit score will result in higher cost when you need to borrow money. "There isn’t much anyone can do for those who will not do something for themselves." The same is applicable for credit scores. Your prime aim is to maintain a good credit score and lead a financially planned life.

When you apply for a loan, your credit score plays a vital role in the approval of the loan.

This is because your credit score reflects your ability to repay your credit. Your credit score is the most important feature of your credit health.

The approval of a loan depends on an individual’s credit history.

This again is relevant in terms of interest rate, fees, and other charges which are usually charged and varies from one person to another.

You need to be aware of the important factors that evaluate your credit worthiness.

This will make you more cautious and allow you to mend the risks before you finally apply for a loan.

Most lenders consider people having credit score above 650 to be the prime borrowers.

This means they will most likely be approved at favorable interest rates. According to credit report from Equifax, 71% of the people with a credit score from 500-550 will default on their credit.

Another 51% of buyers with a credit score from 550-600 will also default on their credit.

Those individuals having credit scores of 650 or more is considered to have a decent credit score. 2005-2009 ©

Debt Consolidation Care

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Consolidate your credit card debt

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