Brain Recall

Who does brain recalls? When I saw that search term, I giggled, because I am familiar with product recalls in which a product, like your car, is recalled because of a change that needs to be made, or a problem which might occur.

Do you know someone who needs a brain recall?

Of course you know people whose brains need some work, and that work might mean in increase in their ability to recall important information, like an anniversary or birthday.

So brain recall probably means information on how to increase memory.

Like any other skill, recall improves with practice.

The Posit Science Brain Fitness folks offer some excellent information on memory and offer a number of exercises on brain recall.

One is to memorize the lyrics of a favorite song.

One of the side effects of that kind of brain recall is karoake though, so be careful.

Actually, what you are doing when you practice that skill is asking all the neurons involved in that kind of memory to fire together, and when they wire together, because they have fired together, they will fire together when you need to remember a grocery shopping list, and that is probably what you are after more that the actual performance of a song at a karoake contest.

The task: Choose a song with lyrics you enjoy but don’t have memorized. Listen to the song as many times as necessary to write down all the lyrics. Then learn to sing along. Once you’ve mastered one song, move on to another!

"The reason: Developing better habits of careful listening will help you in your understanding, thinking and remembering. Reconstructing the song requires close attentional focus and an active memory. When you focus, you release the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, a brain chemical that enables plasticity and vivifies memory."

Another of the excellent brain recall tools from Posit Science is to eat dark chocolate to make sure your neurons have enough dopamine.

"The task: Add some dark chocolate to your diet.

The reason: When you eat chocolate you activate the systems in your brain that pump dopamine, an important brain chemical. These systems enable learning and memory, and help keep your brain sharp and fit."

The problem? Do not substitute milk chocolate. It is truely the  dark chocolate that works here.

So I am guessing that you are convinced by the Posit Science helpful hints given above and are ready to try the program for yourself.

Speaking for myself, I want to do a practice which begins and ends, then maybe do some work on song.

How many of you tried to decipher the works to the early '60's anthem "Louie, Louie", by the way?

Here is your chance to finish the job.

The Posit Science folks are not the only ones doing very interesting work on brain recall, better termed brain fitness.

The Lumosity folks have put together an excellent brain recall workout tool, that you subscribe too online and use at your computer.

I like to keep it booted up and use it between phone calls and clients as a brain brightener.

Mind Sparke Brain Recall

Want to work on memory and IQ? Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is an excellent brain recall tool, that takes 1/2 hour practice for 19 days to increase your IQ.

And it works out your memory while it increase your IQ. Go to this site for a free demo and try it out. You will see what I mean.

How can an increase IQ help out your life? It doesn't guarantee fame and fortune, but it cannot hurt. Couple IQ with emotional intelligence and you have an excellent combination for success. 

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