Brain Jogging

Brain jogging, ok, not brain jarring. How to jog the brain? Well, take a look at what the French are doing, in a country long fascinated by the intellect.

A pension fund is organizing community programs for the French Boomers and Seniors which uses a number of different tools to jog the brain, so that the loss of memory complaint, which is the most frequent complaint those Boomers and Seniors register, is dealt with in an effective way.

And one of the key tools is community. Building social connections.

From the author, Marlise Simmons,

"...But "memory is only the tip of the iceberg," de Rotrou adds. "The exercises involve all the mental faculties: perception, concentration, reasoning, speech, imagina tion." For example, the group searches for synonyms and antonyms and classifies words to stimulate verbal fluency. "People complain that they lose their vocabulary as they age," she says. "But they may really be hampered by not using it because they isolate themselves."

Simmons goes on to talk about another development in this field,

"...Three years ago, two physicians and two psychologists in Lyons formed a group called Agora, which takes its name from the ancient Greek marketplace where people gathered to exchange ideas as well as wares. The group started out by running memory workshops for the retired, but soon found that employers were interested in "cerebral fitness" training for employees. Agora now offers three- and five-day intensive courses to employee groups of all ages. These include memory workshops and counseling sessions on sleeping and eating patterns and ways of dealing with stress, all of which, the Agora doctors believe, can affect brain efficiency. Invariably, counselors recommend homework, which may include tasks such as going shopping without a list or memorizing a train schedule or a poem. They exhort the elderly to play bridge, chess and other games."

So it would appear that the brain jogging in Europe and in America are following similar paths.

I have been very intrigued by the work of Simon Evans, Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt,Ph.D., called Brainfit for Life which speaks to the exact same material on nutrition and sleep and stress management and novel challenge for the brain, and it has a typical American slant on doing the brain jogging individually.

However, I imagine we will see American types of Eureka programs develop soon. In fact the Posit Science folks, among others, have developed a programs which is for use in Senior Centers or even nursing homes.

If you want to try some of the novel challenge programs for yourself, please try these.

I have used the programs linked to in the right sidebar regularly, and recommend them highly.

Good brain jogging.

In fact, the research that Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro is based on is discussed in Evans and Burghardt's book.

Brain Jogging-NY Times

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