Brain Fitness Workout

Ever heard of fMRI? Or brain fitness workouts?

I am sure you have seen the acronym fMRI in recent years, and the acronym stands for 'functional magnetic resonance imaging' and it is a tool that researchers are using to look inside the human body for observation.

One of the things fMRI has been used for is observing the changes in arousal in the human brain after a desensitization process for a spider phobia, using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which was done by Judith Beck, Ph.D.

The "after' results of the desensitization process indicate that the arousal level was much lower in the amygdala after the CBT process, so in essence an exercise regimen or desensitization process has been shown to change the brain.

You too can do this at home. You can change brain maps and make neurons in various brain circuits fire more closely together, which keeps them growing dendritic branches, which means that neurogenesis is encouraged, which means there are new neurons getting incorporated into the hippocampus, (if not damaged by stress hormones) and those new neurons are available to continue laying down memory.

Memory is vital to a vibrant life.

So what can I do at home to make sure I am working out brain circuits in the most advatageous way?

Check out the tools in the right sidebar.

For any brain fitness workout to be effective, it has to provide the brain a novel and complex challenge. So I cannot expect to read another counseling book and increase my brain strength. I need to take up a musical instrument for example or spend time learning a new language to really exercise my brains capacity for neurogenesis. Or use Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro.

Please check out the research on that program, it is stunning. The researchers say that the Mind Sparke program has no upper limit! The more I practice, the better I get. Just like with a regular exercise routine involving weight resistance. I can move up to rather heavy weight if I practice. (This can happen at 60 years of age folks, 'cause I am doing it).

So it is possible to incorporate a brain fitness workout during my weight resistance routine, if I want to. I just need a computer nearby, and practice Mind Sparke between repetitions.

And what is the single most important thing to do to encourage neurogenesis? Physical exercise. Looks like we have a very powerful feedback loop getting built, physical and mental exercise.

Any Other Brain Fitness Workouts Available?

Yes, there are. However, Lumosity offers some things that make it a very powerful brain fitness workout tool.

You can subscribe online to Lumosity, and the workouts are fast and allow for more challenge as your expertise grows, and it is so easy to use between tasks, to refresh your brain, and encourage neuroplasticity and neurogenesis.

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