Brain Fitness Program 2.0

Brain Fitness Program 2.0 is part of the program that Michael Merzenich, Ph.D. has developed at Posit Science.

It is an auditory program, and the others I have seen are visual in nature.

I bought it and began to use it a while back, and have practiced regularly, which has been enjoyable.

I noticed immediately an increased ability to remember a list of chores more effectively, and a series of numbers in another program, called Brain Builder 3.0.

I did not realize that I was having a little bit of trouble prioritizing my "to-do" list, crediting that to my ADD.

I also like that the program, although I am not quite sure what criteria is used, tells me when I have met my challenge level on that particular auditory task. This program will then change the challenge a bit so that I can continue learning but not wear out those neurons.

There are some visual changes on the computer screen to occupy my optical nerve, but the feedback is auditory.

In the book, The Brain That Changes Itself, by Norman Doidge, MD, Merzenich is said to claim that when learning occurs in a way consistent with the laws that govern brain plasticity, the mental machinery of the brain can be improved so that we learn and perceive with greater precision, speed, and retention.

Doidge continues, "Clearly when we learn, we increase what we know. But Merzenich's claim is that we can also change the very structure of the brain itself and increase its capacity to learn. Unlike a computer, the brain is constantly adapting itself."

"The Cerebral Cortex," he says of the thin outer layer of the brain, "is actually selectively refining its processing capacities to fit each task at hand." It doesn't simply learn, it is learning how to learn."

"The brain Merzenich describes is not an inanimate vessel that we fill, rather it is more like a living creature with an appetite, one that can grow and change itself with proper nourishment and exercise."

"Prior to Merzenich's work, the brain was seen as a complex machine, having unalterable limits on processing speed, limits on memory, and intelligence. Merzenich has shown that each of those assumptions is wrong."

Wow, I like that, not only can I sustain where I am in terms of a 64 year old brain, I can get better with practice, I can continue to grow.

I will give that a try, and report back to you.

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Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro - Software that makes you smarter

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