Brain Exercises Elderly

Brain Exercises Elderly?

At the tender age of 63, I was unaware of my status as "older than dirt" until my ten year old son classified and categorized me.

Luckily for him, I was able to understand the mischief in his voice, and begin the chase and the tickling, which I am still able to do because I take care of my very much senior body with workouts, nutrition, sleep, challenging personal work, stress management, and the use of computerized brain exercises for the elderly.

Actually, the computerized brain fitness exercises work for everyone, but are very helpful for the Boomers and the Seniors.

As a webmaster and an online businessman, I seek out authorities in the fields in which I am interested, and one of those authorities is Simon Evans, Ph.D., co-author of Brainfit for Life. My last interview with Professor Evans was yesterday (4-28-09)and part of what we talked about is the activity of neurons, which are constantly trying out new connections. They are seeking to build, grow, change, and those connections happen in minutes or hours, not decades.

Neurogenesis and Neuroplasticity In the Elderly

That process is called neuroplasticity, which was an unknown brain ability until not too many years ago and Boomer Brains have just as much neuroplasticity capacity as any other brain.

In fact, we can enhance neuroplasticity by using some tools which were not available even a few years ago, like the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program.

The use of programs like the Posit Science program, Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro, and the Lumosity program enhance something called neurogenesis, or your brains ability to grow neurons on a daily basis.

Those new neurons can be cemented into already working neural circuits by novel learning experience rejuvenating our brains.

The opposite is also true, should you choose not to attend to your sleep, nutrition, stress, physical exercise, and novel learning challenges, your brain will let those new neurons pass out of your brain, and you will lose neurons faster than you gain them, a recipe for disaster.

Why would you pick the Posit Science Brain Fitness program over tried and true tools like reading a novel, cross word puzzles, or sudoku?

While those tools do keep you mentally active, if I want neurogenesis and neuroplasticity to happen, some of my mental activity needs to be a novel challenge, like taking up a new instrument, a new language, or a new hobby like painting.

And the brain needs to have graduated levels of challenge built in to the novel learning, which is a capacity that the computerized programs have in spades.

So sudoku and cross words are fine part of the time, but if I am not going to learn a new language then I need to get some practice in on the Posit Science or Mind Sparke programs.

Why do I recommend those two?

Well, I came across a book about a year or so ago, called THE BRAIN THAT CHANGES ITSELF by Norman Doidge, MD, and he interviews Michael Merzenich, the Chief Scientific Officer of Posit Science and Doidge also comments about Merzenich's scientific work, like the creation of the first cochlear implant, once called impossible.

I was very curious about the Posit Science tool because it is made for Boomers and Seniors, and has been tested in studies where the subjects were Boomers and Seniors. (See the ACTIVE and IMPACT studies).

I decided to get it, and I have been using it since late last year with very interesting, but very subtle, impact.

I noticed right away that I my ability to recall words improved. Fewer Senior moments.

There is great relief in knowing that I can impact my productivity and my health by using tools like the Posit Science program and Mind Sparke.

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