Brain Age Video

Brain Age Video

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I hope you enjoy my take on brain age video. You can age your brain in an optimal way, so that it continues growing new brain cells every day (neurogenesis) and making new connections because you are presenting it with novel learning challenges (neuroplasticity) or you can age your brain with stress hormones, processed food, poor nutrition, no exercise, poor sleep, booze, drugs, volatile organic compounds, and so on, and your brain will quit working for you.

I personally like my brain working at its best for me, so I work to provide it with the things that Simon Evans, Ph.D. and Paul Burghardt,Ph.D. advocate in their excellent e-book, Brainfit for Life.

Brain Age Video

Here is another brain age video, about the Posit Science Brain Fitness Program and the IMPACT study published in April of 2009.

Both the researchers and the participants were surprised by the vigor of the Posit Science program.

So if you are worried about which way your brain is going to go, because you have only partly healthy, then get the tools below to enhance your brain fitness.

IMPACT Study Brain Age Video

Improve Memory by 10 years

Don't have to give up driving

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