Books on Counseling

Searching for books on counseling? Me too, and I am delighted to find some of the online options available.

Being a bit of a traditionalist, I like the ritual associated with reading a book that I learned as a kid, which was to find a comfortable spot and sit down with my favorite beverage and read.

We had a rocking chair that made the process of reading a book much more comfortable, and I could move it to the porch in the summer, and close to the fire place in the winter, but reading was a significant part of my growing up experience.

I used to go to the public library as a kid in the summer and sign up for the contests to see who could read the most books, thinking nobody could ever beat me, and invariably I was irritated to find myself back in the pack, but I lived, and then decades later I actually find myself in a field where reading and keeping up with information in counseling books is a key piece of what I want to do to serve my clients well.

And then along came the computer, and now counseling books are available to order online, or read online, even by the chapter.

That seems amazing to this late life geek wanna be, because when I went back to graduate school in 1996, when PC's were first becoming main stream, I was quite proud of not knowing how to use a computer, at least until I saw that the card catalog was computerized.

I was looking to write my very first paper in graduate school, and remembered the card catalog being this block long cabinet with small shelves of index cards filled with typewritten information. Imagine my surprise to find that cabinet contained in a PC.

But I was determined and sat myself down to discover counseling books, and now the book sellers and book publishers are doing both online, in fact, I could write my own book on counseling if I wanted.

It appears now that my old counseling books  that I bought at the campus bookstore 20 years ago, and kept partly because I really enjoyed using them, could be sold to book sellers who will resell them now.

The industry has changed hasn't it? So what are your options for finding books on counseling? Well, check this out for e-books, e-chapters, books on counseling rental, and even hard copies for the traditionalists among us.

Cengage Books on Counseling

Here are some examples of Cengage products, which are excellent tools for folks just looking to improve their communication skills.

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