Best Fish Oil

Best Fish Oil Supplements, EPA, DHA, and ALA: Does Your Omega-3 Source Matter?

As far as the scientists go, there is controversy over the three different kinds of omega 3 and their sources.

Vegetarians will look to get the omega 3 from plant sources, those of us who are not vegetarians will look to fish and/or supplements.

I however, do not want to read through a lot of scientific wrangling about long chain and longer chain omega 3, omega 6, or walnut vs spinach as my source.

That makes my head hurt. I want to insure my brain and heart health with a product that helps me keep my head on straight so I can parent and and stay functional for my family.

I do not care to prepare fish at home, because of the smell, and I am not interested in having to deal with giving my small children mercury poisoning, so our omega 3 comes from supplements. (My children are suspicious of foods that I prepare that might include a sprinkling of flax seed, and I cannot get them to eat walnuts regularly and spinach unless well disguised is out of the question, so to keep my brain orderly, I will give them a supplement).

According to my reading of recent articles, when looking for a supplement, make sure the long-chain omega-3s are in your supplements. Check the label for a 3-to-2 ratio—of either 3 parts EPA to 2 parts DHA or vice-versa (the research suggests that either ratio produces heart and brain benefits)

Best Fish Oil Information

Brainfit for Life is my primary source for information on omega 3 and brain health, and my choice for supplements is Xtend-life Omega 3 Why would I choose xtend-life Omega 3 over an over the counter brand? Good question. I can go to the xtend-life site and look at some numbers in regards to refinement.

I cannot do that with the OTC product at my local drug store.

Just recently in my home town, Rockford, Illinois, a number of folks were made sick when they bought some cheese from street vendors which had been made with listeria included.

I want to double check what the company says about their refining process and I can do that with xtend-life.

Plus the company is from New Zealand which is an area of the world I love.

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