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Week Three of Keto Diet, Senior Wellness, and Marine Corps. Graduation

I am currenty in San Diego, California where my son just graduated from Marine Corps. basic training. He lost 20 pounds. Dad, who is extremely proud, has not had access to his kitchen since last Tuesday. (Friday now) I have eaten like it too, although Wed. when I came out I was very good in terms of calories and carb restriction. Thursday and today have not been good. Shane has been talking about pizza for a month, so we got him, and all of his family and friends with us, pizza. I ate four pieces, with water, and I had an omelet for breakfast with toast and American fries, so I have had way too many carbs today. However I was reaffirmed by a picture taken yesterday which clearly shows my recent weight loss. I have gotten in exercise as well. Probably will not eat keto tonight, but we fly back to Illinois tomorrow, and I will get to resume eating keto with renewed vigor. We are all reassured that Shane is ok, and I think we will all be a little less worried when he returns to duty after his 10 day leave. I am also ready to return to weight loss and keto lifestyle with renewed energy. Still have the blood pressure issue to deal with, and I do not organ damage until I get to hold a grand baby.

10th and 11th Days of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Does eating a hamburger and french fries count as a Keto diet breakdown? Not if the amount of carbohydrates does not exceed the limits you are giving yourself per day. It probably does count as a breakdown for what I had last night, which was a hamburger in a bun and french fries, while my daughter had a chicken sandwich with french fries. But we had a good time, she got me with the straw wrapper, which I should expect by now. I have been struggling with a sinus issue for the last 9 days, and feeling drained, and I wanted someone else to feed me, so we went to a restaurant, and had a father/daughter indulgence. But today, I have been back to it, and following guidelines for keto diet. I have been struggling with sinus infections forever, and whenever I substitute teach, I get another from the first runny nose I run into, and every class room has at least five, so I am on schedule for this go-around, but it has not been as intense, nor has it lasted as long as previous episodes...could my immune system be stronger? I know kiddie viruses have not gotten weaker. Could keto diet be making me healthier? I am not willing to undergo more sinus issues to find out, though. We will find another marker, maybe weight and blood pressure.

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8th and 9th Days of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Had the last couple od days off from substitute teaching, luckily, as I have been in serious battle with my sinus cavities. Between kiddie colds and fall pollen I have my semi-annual sinus infection/cold which drains my energy and makes me cough and sneeze and my nose runny. I guess a positive side effect is that I am not very hungry, so I have not eaten much, and I have kept to my 2x per day exogenous keto supplement schedule, and I still feel like my weight is down a bit. This time the sinus thing is not going to take as long to run its course as previous episodes. Could it be my immune system is stronger? No Dr. visit, no antibiotics.... What do you think?

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7th Day Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Feels like more weight is gone, and I should get on a scale to be sure, but my belt and my workout tell me that there is another 2 or 3 pounds gone. I would use a scale, but I do not want to drive myself crazy with numbers. I want this process to play itself out as if my body were simply normalizing itself. Weight loss must be the result of the exogenous ketone salts though, because I did not calorie restrict very well yesterday. I started getting my semi-annual sinus infection yesterday, which leaves me not sick, but out of sorts, and I eat the wrong things when I feel that way. No candy, but I did have a deli sandwich that I should not have had, and maybe more cheese and eggs than I should have had. I feel better today, and I am glad to continue to lose weight with the keto diet. I have been very good this morning with the calorie intake, and a strong workout. Headed back in the right direction.

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6th Day of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Started substitute teaching and all the kids with runny noses are in my class, and now I have one...and a cough...and I am sneezing. But I followed my keto and workout schedule. In fact, I have been very good with the exogenous ketone supplement today, mixing the old with the new. The newer supplement left me feeling ok this morning, and the older kind did not help much this afternoon, but between the two of them, I have not been very hungry. Another 30 pounds of that is just what the blood pressure Doctor ordered. I am already down a couple of waist sizes, can I get all the way to college size? Actually I am not going to worry about college sizes, I just want to reduce the medications. That would be wonderful.

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5th Day of Senior Wellness and Keto Diet

I did skip posting for a couple of days, while working on another retirement interest, learning how to trade binary options. I have a chance to become a member of a mentorship program, and needed to complete some trainings, so I spent Saturday and Sunday doing that. However I continued with the keto diet program, and did well with the low carb part of it, and the high fat, but am slowing down on the weight loss side of it. Too many calories. You might say that the keto diet has a side effect of weight loss, but I am working to speed that up with calorie restriction. I also have decided to use my exogenous ketone supplement 2x per day to help with that, at least for a couple of weeks. The supplement is mixed with water and keeps the body in ketosis for a period of time which means I am burning fat rather than glycogen to power the myriad of cellular chemical reactions occurring every second in my body. I am on my third day of that, and right now I am trying to decide whether I want to ride my bike tonight or do my HIIT. Don't think I will do both, as I know I am getting a sinus infection from the kids I substitute for. Don't know why but kid germs get me a couple of times a year. May have to get an antibiotic. More tomorrow.

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2nd Day of Working and Managing Keto Diet for Senior Wellness

Today was exciting, my first day back at the autism classroom where I do a majority of my substituting, and have for several years, so the staff and kids know me. I know the routine of the building and feel very comfortable. However, there were new kids in the class whom I have never met, so there was a bit of anxiety. Two years ago, there were two kids in the class who were runners, and would take off down the street if they could get out of the building, which could be nerve racking. They were fast. No runners today. So how did keto diet go today, you ask, when there was so much excitement. It went great. I made myself a great smoothie for breakfast and even by lunch time, at 12:30 p.m. I was not very hungry. I was able to get through lunch and the afternoon on cheese, hard boiled eggs, and yogurt, with some carbs in the yogurt flip. Very conscientious calorie reduction meal, not quite a keto meal, but good nevertheless. Then I came home after a full day on my feet, shepherding 8 kids, and did my afternoon workout! The first day I subbed, I did not do the workout. I had my keto supplement, and I think I am burning up calaries still, I know I have enough energy to enjoy my daughter's volleyball game tonight, and then get a good night's sleep so I can repeat it tomorrow.

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First Day of Working and Managing Keto Diet for Senior Wellness

I was surprised at how easy the day went, with the kids, and the appetite and the keto meals...only one breakdown. I ate more calories than I should have in the afternoon, maybe I was a bit anxious from subbing. I was at a school I have not been to for a couple of opposed to my usual school, where everyone knows me, and I know the routine. I was supposed to be a floater yesterday, covering classes for instructors who are meeting with parents of kids who have Individual Education Plans. However there were no meetings scheduled and the individual who was supervising me had forgotten I was scheduled, and we scrambled for awhile until they figured out how they were going to use me. Then we got down to work, and everybody got productive. While that was going on, I did not get hungry, and eating is one of the ways I can use to deal with anxiety. Give me an A+ for that, but a D for eating too much after work. It was the right food, but too much of it to meet weight loss goal. Today I am home and working here, and I can exercise as much as I want, at least until my daughter's volleyball game. Wish us luck, talk tomorrow.

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Keto Diet Portion Size and Senior Wellness

Good morning all, I am having my keto shake in preparation for a day of substitute teaching at Lincoln Middle School. Generally I avoid middle school kids, much prefer the little ones or high school, but I am a team teacher today. So I have gotten over the initial keto recipe excitement that comes with starting a new process which I anticipate will be really healthy for me, and gotten back to my twin goals of ketosis and weight loss, which means eating the right amount of food, not what I am used to eating, which is way too much. I have had success with scheduling my meals and workouts, and it has been easier than I anticipated. So when I have a hunger pang, and it is not time to eat, I have been able to hold off until the right time. In fact, the hunger pangs generally dissipate rather quickly if I get back to some healthy activity. I will update you tomorrow about hunger pangs and middle schoolers.

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Day 4 of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

I did it, I made a keto fat bomb smoothie yesterday, and I was amazed at how long it was before I had any hunger pangs. I did not even have all the ingredients, like ice cubes. My lovely 13 year old daughter did not refill the ice cube trays...couldn't have been me, because I do not use them. Although I could have stuck the ice cube trays in the freezer empty when I moved in two years ago.... At any rate, I am anxious to try another today after I got some frozen raspberries and filled the ice cube trays and got some coconut milk. Should be a good tasting keto smoothie. Did very well with calorie count even at dinner, although I did have a keto cookie after to keep my goal in mind. I will be heading out to California later this month for my son's graduation from Marine Corps. basic training and I want to be down another five pounds for that. You all hold me accountable OK? Click the link below for your own Keto diet plan if you are ready to try it out.

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Days 2 and 3 of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Did not get a chance to update yesterday, as I had my first full day of subbing, which tied me up during my usual keto times. I did eat keto meals until late when I had a deli pastrami sandwich, with bread, so I got a little blood sugar spike I am sure, and that added too many calories to the day as well. But I am back at it today, with a great workout and my first keto smoothie. For the first time ever, I had raw eggs, not the pasture fed chicken kind either, but that is what I had on hand so I used them. Will begin to incorporate organic foods and grass fed meats as I go. I did see my functional Doc the other day, and I lost 6 pounds in Aug. mostly on the calorie restriction diet I was doing, now I am doing keto calorie restriction. Doc says my thyroid numbers are still not quite right, so I have to spend more money on that while I try it out. She is the Doc who told me I would not lose any weight until SIBO treated though, and I lost 6 pounds anyway. Will see how I feel when the numbers are right, if I feel better then I will keep on with the meds. But I control the keto, and I will keep myself on that for awhile to see what I can get done towards lowering meds down the road. More tomorrow. Will try out some cauliflower dishes today...probably steamed, maybe some broiled. Have never broiled vegetables. Might have a new favorite.

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Lessons From the First Day of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Tried out a couple of keto recipes, one for a crockpot entree, and the other for a treat, which was low carb double chocolate chip cookies. I did better with the entre than the cookies, but learned from both. I ate big portions of the entre, as it was good, and that is what I have always done with the main dish, eat a lot of it. I may have kept ketosis by cooking that dish, but I will not meet my other goal of weight loss by eating huge portions, so I need to manage portion size and eat on a schedule, which is not all that hard for me, and I will achieve both ketosis and weight loss. I found the recipe for the cookies online, printed it, and headed to the grocery store, where I could not find all the ingredients I needed. The recipe called for almond flour and dark chocolate chips, and my little country grocery store had neither, so I substituted with semi-sweet chips and regular flour. Then the recipe called for 2.5 cups of flour, which was too much for my taste. The cookies were easy enough to make, and palatable, but I know they will not satisfy my daughter, who is a carb connissuer. For now, I am going to stick with keto smoothies, although I may have to buy a blender. But repeat of cookies soon enough, as soon as I have the right ingredients and with less flour.

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First Day of Strict Keto Meals and Senior Wellness

Did my first day of strictly keto meals...and did fine until about 7:00 p.m. when I ate too much of the right food...not bad from the ketosis side of things, not helpful from the calorie restriction. What I learned is that I need several keto meal ingredients handy including snacks for the hours when I am not fasting. So today I am baking low carb chocolate chip cookies. I am willing to bet I can get my daughter to eat them as well. She is a carboholic, and her stepfather and I want her to go to a high protein diet. Will be hard for her, but as long as it is sweet she will go with it, I bet. I did my first substitute teaching job Monday, and caught my first kiddie bug, which I had yesterday. I thought it was keto flu which can happen as one switches body from burning glucose to ketone bodies, but I knew when my body broke through that it was a kiddie bug, because I was hungry. Prior to that, which happened at 7:00 p.m. last night, I had not eaten much all day. Then I ate too much, so will be on better behavior today.

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Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies and Senior Wellness

Doesn't low carb chocolate chip cookies sound delicious?Although I have learned to ignore the low fat claims of food manufacturers, and not even buy those test tube foods, I am ok with the idea of low carb in my recipe, because I am going to make it. Also, I am busily preparing my first keto crockpot meal for today, and may get to the snacks later today. My daughter loves it when I bake cookies, although she does sniff at Dad's healthy foods. I also got the ketone supplement yesterday, and tried it out. Tested my urine with a ketone test strip and had a very good result, although a second later test showed that my body had quickly metabolized the supplement, which is expensive, so I guess the key is to eat for ketosis, and supplement right before I go workout so that I am burning maximum fat at that time. Now to time meals and healthy ketone snacks! Getting ready for a lifestyle switch.

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Senior Wellness, Lower Blood Pressure, and Ketosis

Senior Wellness Update. After posting yesterday, I thought I should do a bit of research about blood pressure changes on a ketogenic diet. I am seeing some very encouraging news, with a sobering caution too. I am seeing that following a low carb diet will lower insulin resistance which has a direct impact on BP. In particular, one advocate of the keto diet, himself a physician, reports he was able to stop his blood pressure meds, which would be a wonderful thing for me. He also says not monitoring meds and following keto diet could lead to dizziness as BP drops, which is already happening and I do not think I am fully into ketosis, at least not by my ketone test strips result. Should know more soon though, as exogenous ketone salts supplement should arrive today. The other sobering thought is some folks who religiously follow the keto diet develop kidney stones...I definitely want to avoid that. So maybe I will moderate weight first and see how things feel.

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Where Do You Start With Senior Wellness and Ketosis?

I started with online research, and a desire of course. My functional MD just prescribed a new drug for me based on my recent battery of blood tests and it costs $120.00 per month, which is worrisome to say the least. I have some high blood pressure meds also, and the cost of all those meds ads up on a retirement budget, so my thinking is that I will lose the extra weight I am carrying and see how that impacts blood pressure and I talked to my primary, who did not sound too encouraging about reducing meds, but we will see what I can do with extra exercise and weight loss. Weight loss will make a difference in blood pressure, so smaller doses should work. That is my thinking anyway, and the thyroid med, which is the expensive medication may no longer be necessary if I fire up my metabolism. What has been your experience with weight loss and impact on prescriptions? I think I will go research ketogenic diet and blood pressure. Let me know in the comments, and thanks.

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My Senior Wellness and Ketosis

I broke down. And did it. I ordered an exogenous ketone, to include in my experiment with the ketogenic diet. But only after I ordered the Ketone test strips and tried them out. That test stick told me I had not yet achieved ketosis. The urine test is not as accurate as the blood test, but the instrument used to test the blood is much more expensive, and I am not yet ready to commit to the ketosis process that extensively yet. The supplement is expensive but not as expensive as the little poker and blood tester, so I will go that route first. That way I know that at least part of the day, I will have lots of ketones in my blood stream. I am still losing weight, and restricting calories, even adding in another exercise period each day. I am really hoping to take advantage of the neurological benefits of the keto diet, and the blood sugar stabilization as well, though, so here we go.

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Senior Wellness and Your Gut Health

More interesting thoughts from;"Totally aside from the gut, a healthy diet can also support healthy brain function just by providing enough nutrients. Your brain is a huge nutrient hog. It makes up around 2% of your body mass, but it uses about 20% of the calories you eat. It’s demanding and high-maintenance about Omega-3 fats, B vitamins, and cholesterol, and if it doesn’t get enough iron, it’s prone to throwing a hissy fit in the form of constant, dragging fatigue."Not sure about you, but I like the idea of a happily functioning brain, one that promotes neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. The more new brain cells and brain cell connections that I can grow, the more confident I am that I can avoid senility. Still got a teenager at home, who is remarkable patient with me and my early morning texts so far.

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Paleo Diet and Your Senior Wellness

I came across this excerpt from I am very curious about ketogenic or Paleo diets for myself and other seniors. What I am finding is very exciting. It appears that a keto diet addresses a number of issues that my fundamental physician is pointing out that I need to address, like insulin insensitivity, and some vitamin d and k deficiency. But I am really after weight loss right now, and I am very encouraged at this point by my shrinking waist.

"Human studies on ketosis and aging are scarce, but the ones that exist bear this theory out. In one human study, results seem very promising: the researchers tested a group of study subjects with “mild cognitive impairment” (the first stage of neurological diseases like dementia and Alzheimers) for six weeks on either a high carb (50% carbohydrate) or a low carb ketogenic (5-10% carbohydrate) diet. Total calories were not restricted in either group. The ketogenic group improved in every marker they tested: verbal memory, weight, waist circumference, fasting glucose, and fasting insulin. Another study showed an impressive benefit of ketosis for patients with Parkinson’s Disease."

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Keto Diet and Weight Loss

Here is my dilemma...I am very excited to really begin the keto diet, but I have been on a weight loss plan of my own creation that involves calorie reduction as its main component and it has been working. It does provide some deprivation moments, when I am really true to it, and it dovetails with some of the keto meal plans I see, but I do not know if I am in ketosis. My concern knowing myself is that I will eat too much of even the perfect keto diet, and defeat the weight loss plan. So do I start the keto diet and eat bigger meals, of keep doing what I am doing to see if I can meet my 10 pound for this month goal? I think I will start with getting some keto measuring sticks and measuring for ketosis that way. I do not think I have keto breath yet, but maybe my urine will tall me. Think I will keep the current plan through the end of the month, and see what weight loss is. What do you think?

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Coffee and Senior Wellness

Always glad to have an excuse/justification to drink coffee. Turns out is healthy, and brain protective. Here is a quote from an Italian study;"When researchers at University of Bari Aldo Moro, in Italy, charted the coffee consumption and neurological health of 1,445 Italians aged 65 to 84 over the course of three years, they found those who drank an average of two cups of joe per day were less likely to have developed mild cognitive impairment (MCI) than coffee abstainers."

In keeping with our recent explorations of the keto diet, is there such a thing as a keto cup of coffee? Turns out there is. In fact, I just came across a recipe for your morning joe that looks really complicated, way more so than I want for my coffee, so I am going to be content to use my big box coffee maker and tap water and Star Bucks, and add in some ghee or MCT, which is medium chain triglycerides. See, I want my coffee faster than the more complicated prep allows. Be aware though, coffee with ghee and/or MCT oil has some calories!

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Boost Brain Health and Increase Cognitive Function

"As stated earlier, the keto diet was first applied in the successful treatment of epileptic seizures. There has also been application in the treatment and management of alzheimer’s disease. In fact, many researchers are beginning to refer to alzheimer’s as type 3 diabetes, indicating the role of glucose metabolism in the progression of the disease." The above information comes from Dr. Dan Colbert, and the Alzheimer's information is brand new to me.

But the more I read about the keto diet and its benefits, the more intrigued I am by it. I have been working steadily all this month at losing weight, and have been successful. I have been eating basically a keto diet. I am also liking what I read in regards to the brain health that results from the keto diet. I would love to keep that part of myself as vital as possible. Hard to enjoy kids and grandkids without a functional brain. More tomorrow.

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Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness

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Eating For Your Brain

I am still early in my ketogenic diet experiment, and busy gathering information...I am encouraged by my weight loss, although I did not know how many calories I was adding to my morning coffee when I included ghee. By point of reference, when one adds butter and MCT oil to coffee in the recommended amounts, one has a 400 calorie cup of coffee. Last time I checked, that was about the same as a double cheeseburger from Ronald McDonald. So I will be careful with the ghee. I love already getting back into smaller sizes in just three weeks. There are a lot of internet sites touting the benefit of MCT oil which is medium chain triglycerides, enough to make me curious about including it over the course of the day. A number of them suggest that MCT oil is very good for seniorissues like diabetes and alzheimers prevention. I am all for that, so I will get some real coconut oil and add it to the regimen and see how it does.

More Senior Wellness and the Keto Diet

I am feeling some real excitement for this keto diet experiment that I am on.... I have been eating basically a keto diet and doing the 12-14 hour intermittent fast (including my sleep time) for about 3 weeks now, and while I am not sure what weight I was at prior to beginning, or what weight I am today, I know my belt is over two notches tighter, which translates into at least two inches off my waist. So nice to be able to bend over and tie my shoes without holding my breath. I have been researching the benefits of the keto diet and there appear to be many, and lots of healthy looking but tasty recipes, many for the crockpot, which I love to use! Of course, you cannot eat piles of high fat, low carb meals and expect to lose weight. It does appear that starvation and deprivation do not have to be part of this process, just low carb. Wonderful! More tomorrow, and please check out the link below for more information on a keto plan with tons or resources available!

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Senior Wellness and the Keto Diet

I am getting excited about what I am finding as benefits for Seniors who use the keto diet. Especially crock pot recipes. I am not one for spending lots of time in the kitchen cooking up special dishes because all those special dishes need to be washed, but I love putting a roast in the crockpot and cooking it all day, because the house smells like childhood Sunday dinner. And I found an interesting cook book on Amazon for Keto diet smoothies and treats. I have never tried an avocado smoothie before, but I will give it a go as soon as the book arrives. I really like the idea of weight loss too, and reduced inflammation. I have only been using and researching this information for a three weeks, and I am down pounds and inches. Will let you know how avocado smoothie works out.

Senior Wellness and Keto Diet and Avocado Smothies

Good news I think. I am really intrigued by the keto diet...found myself on it by accident, and then found the documentation. So I am exploring the foods that one is allowed to eat on the keto diet, and have been pleasantly surprised. Many of the things I like to eat when calorie restricting are allowed in the keto diet, except for fruit, which I have every day in a smoothie after my workout. Fruit is only an occasional ingredient is a serious keto diet. What is allowed is avocado, which I eat only occasionally. Maybe I will to look at some different ways to have avocado and eggs maybe...since I really want this to work. Not sure I want to make a smoothie...wait, just found some great smoothie recipes with avocado and berries in it! They sound delicious, and maybe I can save some money on frozen fruit, which I have been using for the last few to the grocery store. I will let you know how it tastes.

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Senior Health Care

Out of curiosity, and thinking about what my next page at this website could be about, I searched the internet for the keyword senior health care, thinking I would find all kinds of ideas about how other seniors are attending to their health and workouts. Much to my surprise the top 30 sites for that sequence of keywords are all medical practices, and long term care facilites, trying to explain to me that I needed to live at their senior center and take part in their senior wellness program. I was surprised because when I did my workout this morning there were as many people my age at Anytime Fitness as there were young I guess I am not used to thinking about a Senior Wellness Care facility as much as I am about pushing myself for an extra five minutes on the elliptical trainer. In fact I spent some time this morning reading about ketone's and how to push my body into ketosis for weight loss. My metabolism has changed and I do not metabolize intake as fast as I once did, so my weight is out of line. My senior health care then is weight loss, rather than moving into a senior care facility, and I plan to take care of that on my own. Never occurred to me to do it any other way. The good news is that I am on my way already, sort of naturally limiting my diet to high fat, low carbohydrate foods before I even realized that was how ketosis was implemented. While I do not have a scale to weigh on every day, I do have a belt that shares with me that it needs new holes cut in it, as I am down about 10 pounds.... And not only do I get the benefit of ketones in my brain, which makes me process O2 better, I get the neurogenesis and neuroplasticity that come with exercise. I will keep you posted!

Addiction and Mental Health

Addiction and Mental Health-Research Based Addictions Treatment

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Nutrition and Mental Health

Nutrition and Mental Health

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Seniors Insurance

Find Seniors insurance-Senior Life Insurance, Senior Term or Whole Life Insurance, Senior Travel Insurance, Senior Driver Car Insurance and more.

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Affordable Senior Health Insurance

Affordable Senior Health Insurance, is there such a thing? We think so, come see why.

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Senior Auto Insurance

Finding the best Senior Auto Insurance policy for your needs.

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Senior Travel Insurance

Senior Travel Insurance, and Senior Travel Health Insurance policies are on the rise, come see why.

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Senior Life Insurance Company

Looking for a Senior Life Insurance Company with affordable rates and great coverage...try these.

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Mindfulness Psychotherapy

Mindfulness psychotherapy to me is somewhat like looking at the Necker Cube...learn why.

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Mindfulness Anxiety

Mindfulness Anxiety and Your Heartmath?

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Pay Attention to Your Attention!

More from my favorite brain blogger, Debbie Hampton, who writes today about the benefits of paying attention, because we get so much more information today, than we did even in 1986. If I am not taking care of my attention, my brain uses up all its resources of Facebook, rather than the textbook. Here are her thoughts on attention.

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Site Map Page 1 - Generated by

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How Exercise Helps the Brain

Another great article from Debbie Hampton, of the Best Brain Possible website. Exercise is vitally important to the health of our brain as we age. If you are my age, 69, I know you have noticed some changes in your word recall for example, and perhaps worried about it. Well, the antidote is a bit of deeper faster breathing moving your body. You are not going to be training for the Olympics, by the way, but walking or riding your bike an little faster and a little farther than usual. Enjoy the sunlight outside while you indulge your muscles too.

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Ever Heard of Experience Dependent Neuroplasiticity

Welcome to the work of Debbie Hampton I think Debbie is a leader in the world of brain fitness, and the above article, from her blog, The Best Brain Possible, is very important for us folks with brains! We all have one, no matter what some people will say about our personal choices, and we can make it more functional by attending to some of the things Debbie talks, about, like experience dependent neuroplasticity. You get the brain you build, and it could be one that gives you pleasant days, or it could be one that destroys your inner world. From a counseling stand point, you do not need to pay a professional to do this. Totally up to you. Read Debbie, and go for it! Each thought builds neurons. I say build a positive brain.

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Is it possible that DARPA can expand human cognitive potential? I am sure it is, but do we want that to happen? I am worried about the creation of super anything in this day and age, but super soldiers? They are advocating, "What we think we can do is increase neuroplasticity, which will make the brain more receptive to learning things and figuring out what new things it needs to learn,” explains Helms Tillery, who directs the Sensorimotor Research Group at ASU." Now I am all for increasing neuroplasticity, especially for Seniors, but I am leery of some extremist creating a generation of super anything. But, read the article, and enjoy.


AARP Senior Health Insurance

Looking for information on AARP Senior Health Insurance.

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Senior Life Insurance

Senior Life Insurance, Senior term life insurance company, life insurance for senior citizens, senior citizen whole life insurance insurance life senior

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Brain Training Exercises

Brain Training Exercises

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Divorce Rate Statistics

Divorce Rate Statistics

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Brain Fitness Software

Brain Fitness Software Information

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Brain Function Memory

Brain Function Memory

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Brain Fitness Home Workouts

Brain Fitness Home Workouts

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Recent Articles

  1. Week Three of Keto Diet, Senior Wellness, and Marine Corps. Graduation

    Sep 22, 17 10:48 PM

    I am currenty in San Diego, California where my son just graduated from Marine Corps. basic training. He lost 20 pounds. Dad, who is extremely proud, has not had access to his kitchen since last Tuesd…

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  2. 10th and 11th Days of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

    Sep 17, 17 03:12 PM

    Does eating a hamburger and french fries count as a Keto diet breakdown? Not if the amount of carbohydrates does not exceed the limits you are giving yourself per day. It probably does count as a brea…

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  3. 8th and 9th Days of Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

    Sep 15, 17 08:04 AM

    Had the last couple od days off from substitute teaching, luckily, as I have been in serious battle with my sinus cavities. Between kiddie colds and fall pollen I have my semi-annual sinus infection/c…

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