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Africa Traditonal Counseling Therapy

John S. Mbiti. This man has written alot of African counseling and we are aware of our method and tactics of counseling which used to be informal kind

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2014 01 02 ASKMIKETHECOUNSELLOR2 TO: Ms. Julie Logan Hi, I am worried and feel entrapped. I cannot yet find a way out. I was looking

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Tips On How To Fix Split Up In A Marriage

The people that ask themselves how to save my marriage today fail to realize that it is something in their power to do. The longer we stay with someone,

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Marriage Counseling and Depression

Marriage counseling has been suggested as a treatment for couples with a depressed spouse on the basis of the strong association between depressive symptoms

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personal care aide in a personal care home for the elderly

every day hands on experience. The residents largest complaint is that they want us to spend more quality time with them & listen to them. We have virtually

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Ms. Denise S.

I wanted to let you know that I was robbed by three men about three years ago waiting for a city bus on a bus stop about 12 midnight late in November after

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Nearly 10 years ago a very good friend and myself had an addiction on ice and because of the ice my friend committed suicide I found my friend hanging

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Under Supervision to LPC

I am greatful to my parents because of the way they pushed their children that I am one of them to school. I can see them say today, if they were still

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Mr. Man

I am 30. I love the People and the World.

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website for brain training

Hi, I am working on creating a brain training website with 24 games so far . The other similar programs cost money and this

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I've only looked at your Day 6 of the Brain Fitness Program and found it to be inadequate as far as the volume goes. Next time you're uploading something

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Disenfranchised Grief of a Lover

Im not sure if this is where to place my note but here goes. I lost my best friend in 2006. He was my world. We had more than a friendship. But in an effort

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Dear sir, I have already enjoyed your videos. I am very much happy to see it. I am also working as a Clinical Psychologist in a premier cancer institute

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No particular subject

No story, Mike. I just happened across your website as I was perusing material for a paper I have to do on how I would form a group for the elderly. Great

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I am wondering if there is anything that can be done to recover lost memories? Is there some sort of exercise I can do that will bring them back? I went

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I just dont understand, i feel so alone...

i feel down all the time, im never happy i feel so alone like nobody cares nobody wants me around i have nobody to talk to, all my friends are turning

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Jonah Steinhaus, MA, MFT, CCMHC

Hi, Mike, We have a lot in common, I think; although the differences may be profound. I'm a 74 year old, retired psychotherapist from Los Angeles, a partially

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Senior Wellness and Keto Diet

I know it has awhile since I last posted, and I did not do so well through the holidays, indulging my sugar appetite regularly. I even gained a little weight, but I am back in the saddle now, with a new and improved keto menu. I cannot believe it, but even my sugar cravings are reduced to almost zero in the last 10 days, since I started making a real keto smoothie in the morning, and started eating a keto salad and keto recipes for lunch and dinner. I had been compromising my keto diet with the smoothie I was making, including an apple with other fruit. While the apple was good for me, it has a lot of sugar in it. I also actually went out and found some almond butter to use in the smoothie, and I love how it tastes. Good snack too. So I am really doing a much more stringent keto diet, and the test strips proved me in ketosis. So did the leg cramps, but magnesium deals with those. So sugar cravings down, food dollars spent down, and weight down. Now for those other keto benefits, like a clearer brain. Stayed tuned folks.

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Christmas and Senior Wellness and Your Keto Diet

Christmas day has come and gone for another year...along with all the carbohydrate temptations...well, almost all, as I still have cookies from my ex-wife...she does these Christmas logs that are so decadent. I shall only succeed in eating them a little more slowly than in my pre-keto days. On the whole, I am pleased with my keto meal plan for December though. Weight is up a few pounds but it will come off easily now that the major eating holiday is over, and my sweetie Betty got me a book called The Ketogenic Cookbook by Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich, which I am eager to explore. In looking at Amazon reviews, reviewers rave about the ease of preparing the recipe's in the book, which is very important to me. When I find a recipe I like and especially if it can be prepared in a crockpot, I am on it. Over and Over, I am on it. Ease or preparation is a major factor for me. Should I start with the chocolate covered toffee? is a recipe in the book. Actually, the first one I try will probably be the paleo onion rings, combining bacon and onions. I could take extra time for those two favorites!

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More Reasons for Seniors to Eat a Keto Diet

Did you know that keto diets deliver a high amount of nutrition per calorie? I know that carbs, especially packaged carbs, offer very little in the way of nutritional value. I also did not know that my need for nutrients is the same as it was when I was much younger. However I do not metabolize calories as rapidly as I did when I was a kid, so empty carbohydrate calories present a problem my body solves by storing them as fat on my belly. So the food I eat should be dense and nutrient free. That is what a keto meal does. Another reason to enjoy a keto meal tonight, it is filling and nutrient dense.

Good News From the Doc on Keto Diet and Senior Wellness

Went to see my functional doctor Tuesday, to check the numbers after a blood draw. She is working on my thyroid and testosterone and vitamin b, among other things like CoQ and omega-3 levels. Basically good news, good movement on the levels that needed to move, but not done with them yet. But in our conversation, my doctor mentioned that she had just attended a conference where she had heard an exciting presentation done by a Doctor who has done lots of researchon the keto diet. He had mentioned that the keto diet was an excellent way for Seniors to take care of their brains, at which point I mentioned that I was learning about the keto lifestyle as well. Love it when I am ahead of the Doc. She gave me the name of the researcher, and I will look up his work, so we can talk about it at my next appointment. Well done, Mike.

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Keto for Cytokines and Senior Wellness

For those days when I am struggling a bit with finding a new recipe or cooking keto for my senior wellness, I think of keto benefits other than weight loss;

"Inflammation: For many people, aging includes more pain from injuries that happened at a younger age or joint issues like arthritis. Being in ketosis can help reduce the production of substances called cytokines that promote inflammation, which can help with these types of conditions."

That is from Perfect Keto, and I can feel a bit of amazement about that, because I think it is happening for me. I have sinus issues and inflammation from that makes my sinus cavities beneath my eyes swell shut routinely, and what works best is ibuprofen...but my use of ibuprofen has slowed drastically since cooking and eating more keto friendly meals...I am delighted.

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Partial Victory on Senior Wellness and Keto Diet

I am laying claim to a partial Thanksgiving Week victory for the Senior Wellness and Keto Diet and weight loss and reduced grocery spending battle. I actually lost weight last week, which is good on the blood pressure front, but I spent more money doing it. I did find a great recipe for the crock pot though, and I have good leftovers to finish. My daughter and I both like the dark meat so I cooked turkey legs in the crockpot, after brining them for 24 hours, which is something I have never done before. My daughter reports that they were good, and she said that twice. I can never tell when she is damning my cooking with faint praise though, because she is polite, but she ate a lot, if that is any indication. This week, I will do my first crockpot keto special today, though, and the grocery bill is down from last week. Here is hoping reduced expenses and weight loss go hand in hand this week.

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Week Five-Senior Wellness, Less Cost, and Less Weight

Positive movement in the cost of keto foods, and weight loss, which will hopefully translate into less blood pressure medication expense. I do have to look into different medicare plans though, and I thought I had and AARP newspaper that spelled that out for me, but it is not anywhere I have looked so far, so I will see what else I can find. I have been paying out of pocket for meds and would like to reduce that expense with some Medicare insurance, so I need to do some research on which plans to use. Might as well go do that now. Do you think I can lose another five pounds by Dec. 3rd, not to change the subject? Would love to buy an new belt for myself for Christmas.

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Week Four Success at Doctor's Office and the Grocery Story

Went to the cardiologist this week for my 6 mos. follow-up to see where all my blood pressure numbers were, and all is well, medication is doing what it is supposed to, but she heard something in my right carotid artery and ordered a sonogram, so I dutifully went for that appointment, which they got me right into. Should I have been worried about that? Maybe, but the results say I have very minor fatty deposits in both carotid arteries, so more good news, and my expenses for groceries last week were down...not way down, but bulk cooking of keto meals saves money. I like left overs though, so I am easy in that regard. However, I plan to continue that course of action...maybe even throw in a pot of bone broth this week too.

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Week Two of Senior Wellness Bulk Cooking

I finally got started with the crockpot bulk cooking on Tuesday of Wednesday of last week. The house did smell good, and I had food in the refrigerator for meals, so I did not have to go to the store as often...however, at least last week, savings were negligible, and while I did have keto meals, I am not sure that I really moved any closer to a keto physiology. In other words, I like my keto recipes too much, and my portion control was poor, which leads to cooking even bigger crockpot meals to store. Ultimately, I am going to have to pay close attention to the desire to spend money (anybody else get a buzz from spending?) and eating for fullness rather than nutrition...I can do the keto 12-16 hour fast for the most part, and manage disciplined portions during the day, but at night, when I am tired, or during the day, when I should get a bit of exercise, I eat. Not a lot, but enough that I am not metabolizing all of it, and my liver stores it as...fat. This summer I was good at scheduling meals and eating the right portions, but really got away from it when substitute teaching. Starting over.

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Crockpot Keto Bulk Cooking and Senior Wellness

I have decided on a new tactic in the never ending (since I Like to eat) expensive grocery shopping. If you remember my last post, I had decided on ordering from a keto meal service, but I had some doubts about meals prepared in one place and shipped to me...would they spoil or wilt in transit. But I ordered, and apparently I did not complete the ordering correctly, as I was never charged, and of course, I did not receive a shipment. However, I love using the crockpot, which is what you smell right now. I have decided to use the crockpot to cook bulk keto meals, and have several in the refrigerator for lunches and dinners. I can take advantage of sales, and find recipes online and on Pinterest which I can cook at my leisure and store. I have not ever been good at menu planning, and shopping just for that, but with this tactic I can stay out of the grocery store because I have food ready. Just need to go for veggies, rather than meat and veggies and frozen stuff. What do you think?

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Autogenics and Food Cravings

Just came across some interesting information on Autogenics, a relaxation technique mentioned in Lynne M. Taggart's book, "The Intention Experiment". She was discussing the topic of intentions and how they can work to bring about excellent athletic performance. I have never explored autogenics before, so I thought I would check and see if autogenics might be useful for blood pressure and food cravings. Although I have not had time to dig deeply, it appears that there are some applications, especially for blood pressure, so I am going to give it a try. I am a suggestible sort, and if I can use it to reduce blood pressure and cravings for food, I should impact two issues in one. The meditation script appears to be easy to use, I could even record it probably on my phone. Heaven forbid I have to dig out my tape recorder...not even sure those kinds of things are even around anymore. Certainly more research is in order.

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Top Self Help

Top Self Help

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Weight Loss Maintenance

Weight Loss Maintenance

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Wellness Aging

Wellness Aging

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Workplace Stress Management

Workplace Stress Management

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Your Brain Power

Your Brain Power

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Keto Diet and Senior Wellness and the Doctor

Saw the Doctor yesterday, actually the nurse practioner for my 6 months follow-up, and heard mostly good news. My sweetie Betty had urged me to tell them that I was following a keto diet which had included...bacon. I told her I would not do that, just to provoke her a bit, then I did talk to the Doc about following a keto diet, because I have a blood pressure issue that is not related to a lifestyle, it is due to artery blockage to a kidney. One of the things I can do to help with that issue is lose weight, and the keto diet does do that, but Betty seems to think it is a quack kind of fad diet. However the Doc said something very interesting, that recent research was focusing on inflammation as the primary issue in heart disease rather that cholesterol, and that a diet low in carbs would impact inflammation and be helpful. I like that she was open to the idea of a high fat, low carb diet which is designed to make inflammation a much smaller factor in chronic illnesses like high blood pressure. However she stopped short of a full endorsement, opting for the hospital standard handout of very bland "eat lots of fruit and vegetables" and "exercise regularly" advice. I know she would have given me a "Hell Ya" if we were speaking privately. Take that Betty.

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Anger Management Techniques

Anger Management Techniques

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Aging Brain

Aging Brain

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Adult Neurogenesis

Adult Neurogenesis

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Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching

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Positive Psychology Training

Positive Psychology Training

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Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy

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Counseling Self Esteem

Counseling Self Esteem

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Therapeutic Humor

Therapeutic Humor

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Counseling Psychology Books

Counseling Psychology Books

Continue reading "Counseling Psychology Books"

Money Help

Money Help

Continue reading "Money Help"

Signature Strengths

Signature Strengths

Continue reading "Signature Strengths"

Healing Thoughts

Healing Thoughts

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Counseling Good

Counseling Good

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Keto Diet Service and Senior Wellness

Anybody else noticing that more and more funds are required to eat these days? I am not currently doing without my favorites, but the sobering amount of money I am spending at my local country grocery store, which has higher prices than the larger grocery stores a few miles away, is becoming a concern. I do eat a lot of meat, growing up when a meal was meat and potatoes and vegetables, and I have extra tooth paste and TP and Irish Spring around too, but I am considering one big trip to the larger stores down the road one half hour for cheaper prices, although I spend money on gas and time on driving. Another option I am ready to try out is a meal service, especially for keto meals, and I actually did order from a New Jersey service recently, but they have not charged my credit card yet, and I hope the reason why is that they do not deliver to Illinois rather than being a scam. If I can save money on prepared meals, I will keep doing that until I can meet my weight goals. What do you think?

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Weight Loss and Senior Wellness and Keto Diet

Calorie intake so far today has been good, and it has been within keto guidelines. Had a good workout this morning, and did a good job with the rest of my chores so far today, but I did lose focus for a bit after workout. I have been keeping our old dog, Fuller, for my ex whose new boyfriend is doing some extensive work on their house, redoing the kitchen. As part of my good guy reward, she brought me some salted nut rolls of the very sugary type, and I ate two the other night, and three last night. I had a craving and I gave in, and I think I can feel the weight returning, although my Doc says I have some sibo issues to deal with as well. I could be a bit bloated as well. So the struggle as usual for me is giving in to a craving when I am tired. Also it is getting colder which means my afternoon bicycle ride is nearing an end, although I can easily workout at my local AnyTime Fitness just down the street, so that problem is solvable...and so is the candy issue too, with a little bit of effort to remember what my intention is...get off the meds and get the six pack back. Thank a six pack at 69 and 1/2 years old is possible? Yes, it is, I can feel it!

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