An Overlooked Gift in Gifted Children

by Robert Radford
(Duncan, BC, Canada)

An Overlooked Gift in Gifted Children

There is an overlooked gift in gifted children; a gift which can significantly influence the development of humankind. People who undertake to counsel families and teachers in the development of this previously overlooked gift have the potential for creating memorable legacies for themselves.

I am a grown up “gifted child”. I skipped two grades in elementary school, was a boy soprano in a choir, and a child actor in radio dramas. I graduated with honors from university; participated in the development and application of leading-edge technologies in telecommunications and nuclear-electric generation; became an officer and airplane pilot in the navy, a church organist and religious teacher, a candidate in a federal election, an actor in live theater, and the father of six children. But almost fifty years passed before I found anybody with whom I could talk about the real “gift” which had filled my life and which I felt set me apart from other people: the gift of awareness and practice of some of the seemingly miraculous abilities of humankind. I wonder what my life would have been like if my parents and teachers had been open and receptive to this gift, and had helped me to develop my miraculous abilities, instead of dismissing them as “childhood fantasies”.

My new book, “Noetic Experiences”, describes how these abilities and their practical applications were brought to my awareness as a child, teenager and adult. More information about this book is provided at . You are invited to support the publication of “Noetic Experiences” by voting for me in the “Next Top Spiritual Author” competition, and by referring your friends and colleagues to the above website.

Robert Radford

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