AARP Senior
Health Insurance

Your AARP Senior Health Insurance is not the only great benefit of having an AARP Membership.

AARP Health Insurance opportunities are much more than a policy you pay into just in case you need it.  Plus, your spouse is even free!

AARP FeaturesAARP's Features

AARP Senior Benefits

With AARP, you get an entire collection of health related products, services, and programs made especially for the AARP members.  If there are any fees attached to these plans, you can be assured they are budget friendly for the senior and retired members.

Just some of the benefits of having AARP membership are discounts at LensCrafters, on your Dental insurance, Hearing insurance, Auto insurance, and even long term care.

AARP BenefitsAARP Benefits & Rewards

Medicare with AARP Senior
Health Insurance

When you turn 65 you become eligible to apply for Medicare. However, don’t wait until later, as some opportunities associated with it could expire, or your choices are limited.  AARP will explain all this to you in your detailed profile for your present and future plans.

AARP Senior Health Insurance Education is a teaching program for you. You can learn all you need to know about the Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D, Medicare Supplement, and every other option that would be beneficial to you.

One Senior Health Insurance plan that AARP can help you with is through the UnitedHealthcare® coverage. All Medicare Advantage Part C plans are individually and privately owned insurance companies that combine your Medicare Part A  or hospital coverage  with your Part B, Doctors, and give you additional benefits over and above that.  Those benefits with AARP’s plan include your Prescription Drug plans.

Their other plans can increase with additional coverage fees, but I will remind you that AARP is geared specifically for those fifty years and older, taking them into retirement and beyond.

You can use their free Health Care Costs Calculator to find your magic number, and best coverage.  What is the magic number? It is the amount of money you will save on your health care over your retirement.  You can make minor changes in your lifestyle, leading to fewer health care costs. You can basically use this tool to predict your future costs.

They even provide free activities to help you stay focused, on track, and productive. They have special features for increasing your best brain health such as Downloadable Free adult coloring pages, free Word Searches, and videos to watch.

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