A Question on your article "Intimacy in Relationships"

by Donna Alexander-Smith

Hi Michael,

My name is Donna Alexander-Smith and I'm currently creating an ebook on Relationships. I came across your article "Intimacy in Relationships" on a number of different sites and looking on your website realise that you are an expert in many areas. This article and others has greatly helped me in my own peronal relationship which is now going from strength to strength, so thank you so much for that. From then I decided that I should create a help ebook for anyone else out there who has experienced relationship difficulties as I have. Your article would be perfect for inclusion in my ebook.

I'm now gathering an expert compendium on the subject with personal excerpts from myself and I'd be delighted if you could be kind enough to let me include your article in my book. Also if you had any other articles I would really appreciate if you could please send them over and if they're suitable I can include them to.

Of course I would include links back to your website and this would mean free visitors to your website and publicity without any cost to yourself. Not only that as I intend to market this product in a big way your reputation as an expert would be increased even further.

This is a win win situation for you Michael and all you need to do is email me back with confirmation that it is ok to include you in the experts compendium and I'll do the rest.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Donna Alexander-Smith

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