Brain Fattening Information

Welcome to the premier issue of the Fat Neuron, where being called a fat head is a compliment. If someone calls me a fathead, I will assume that he means that it is obvious that I have a brain filled with omega 3 fatty acid.

Omega 3 fatty acid is the major component of the membrane surrounding neurons, and without lots of omega 3, that membrane gets brittle and chemical and electrical communications between brain cells are garbled.

That garbled communication is what leads to fat head behaviors.

So before I continue on, I want to invite you to let me know what you are searching for in a newsletter from Ask Mike the Counselor, aka Mike Logan, 61 year old semi-quirky super daddy in Rockford, Illinois.

If you don't let me know what you want, I will expect you to enjoy what I write about.

On a more professional note, today is Veterans Day, and a colleague of mine, Dorrie Cascadon, a veteran of the Desert Storm campaign, was critically wounded at Ft. Hood in Texas last week.

Dorrie co-lead domestic violence perpatrator groups with me from 1999 to 2006 when she took a position with the Veterans Administration in Madison, Wi. until she re-enlisted in the reserves at 45 years of age. Not sure she would have gone overseas, but I think she wanted to work with vets coming back from Iraq and Afganistan.

I was worried about her well being until yesterday when I saw her on ABC news, saying that she was glad the shooter had survived so they could "ask him some questions".

Surprisingly, she did not look or sound revengeful, although the horror must have been tremendous for her.

So Dorrie, we salute you and your modeling of forgiveness and reconciliation, and we, meaning those of us who knew you at Logan Counseling, honor your dedication to serve those returning from the front lines of duty, and I personally wish you a speedy recovery.

News reports said that Dorrie received a head wound and a foot wound, and was critically injured, and I was very relieved to hear her speak so coherently and lucidly just a day after being down graded to stable condition.

We hope that you get your chance to clear whatever PTSD might be left from your experience and you get back to work as soon as you want.

Please take a moment to honor a veteran you know.

There has been a lot in the news since the invasion of Iraq in 2001 about what the explosion of IED's and their concussions do to the heads and brains of those close by.

Taking care of your brain, keeping it fat, involves making sure it does not bounce around inside of its very hard case that has lots of sharp edges inside it.

That is why Dr. Daniel Amen recommends table tennis as an excellent sport, one better suited to good brain function than soccer or boxing or American football.

In our next issue we will take up the concept of increasing neurogenesis, or the growth of new brain cells, and neuroplasticity, which is what neurons do when they learn something new, they form new connections.

Thanks for your attention, and please let me know what topics you are interested in more information on.


Michael Logan, the Chief Omega 3 Head


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