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Welcome to the somewhat delayed 2nd edition of the Fat Neuron. I apologize for not attending to your newsletter in a more timely fashion, but I can make up for it with a pretty amazing coupon from the Fit Brains folks, who were in touch with me this week, to offer me a coupon for the readers of my website and newsletter alone. Click on the link below, and you will be taken to a page where you can explore the Fit Brains program, and if you choose to sign-up there, you will get 25% of the price!

Fit Brains

Brains Hit Their Prime When?

When their owners are between their early 40's and late 60's! That is according to the authors of "The Secret Life of the Adult Brain: The Surprising Talents of the Middle Aged Mind"

The author, Barbara Strauch, says that while we may get a bit forgetful during those years, our brains handle the important stuff better, because we use a bigger percentage of our brain in making decisions.

She quotes research that says older pilots are better at avoiding simulator collisions than their younger coherts, which is definitely something I want my pilot to know about.

Remember, the processing to that kind of data might happen twice as fast as you can blink your eye.

Strauch says the older brains make use of both hemispheres in processing data, a larger portion than the younger brains.

Strauch also says that myelin insulation continues to increase, making neurons processing capacity greater.

Strauch says that we should not tell those 62 year old brains to get out of the way, we should accept them for what they are, ripe, ready, and whole.

Well, I agree with Ms. Strauch, but I am not going to give up on my brain fitness workouts, including the Fit Brains program mentioned above. I have small children who are very adept with electronic devices, and they offer no mercy at Wii or Xbox.

Pass the omega 3 fatty acid please, and I will be Mario, thankyou.


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Body Media

Notice The Body Media Arm Band?

With BodyMedia FIT, you’ll have the same technology seen on the Biggest Loser.

Positive Psychology

Brain Neuroplasticity

Track Your Calorie Loss on Your Smart Phone?

Will My Phone Tell Google? Or My Mom?

This Body Media tool looks very exciting to me. I really could use immediate feedback about my food choices, and even an old "how-does-this-thing-work?" cell phone noobie like myself could handle this. I can record my food use and get real time feedback about calorie burn vs calorie intake? Very efficient, and just the motivation I need.

New Smartphone App from BodyMedia