Senior Wellness

Senior Wellness

At the tender age of 69, I am experimenting with another lifestyle change with diet and food. But a bit of background.  For the last several years I have been seeing a physician who leans a little more to the alternative side of medicine than usual and we had been monitoring my blood pressure, as it was tending high.

.He did not give me medication, but he did finally open a boutique practice which precluded my seeing him, so I found a main stream physician who immediately put me on meds for high blood pressure.

The meds made little difference in my blood pressure until we increased the dose, and then we began the process of discovering why my BP was so intractable. Did the colonoscopy, found one polyp, not cancerous, and then we did a ultrasound of my kidneys, and found the  artery to my left kidney blocked, which resulted in a referral to a cardiologist, who did an angiogram.

Good news, heart ok, one artery blocked 40%, so then we scheduled a stent for the kidney but that artery could not be stented, so I am left with high blood pressure that cannot be fixed, only managed.

The good news is that a couple of major checkoffs happened for my Doc when I did colostomy and angiogram.  Things were ruled out. However I am about 40 pounds overweight, and have not done anything about it for a long time, even though I exercise every day, and my workout is very strong. (Resting heart rate 55 BPM)

But I finally put together the energy to begin to manage my calorie intake, and eat small meals on a schedule. Imagine my surprise when I lost 6 pounds right off the bat, and then I ran across an interesting concept, the ketogenic diet, which is basically a  high fat, low carbohydrate diet/lifestyle.

I had been doing that without realizing it with my meals since beginning to pay attention to my eating, so I decided to read up on it, and they advocate intermmitant fasting as a way to convert the body from burning glucose to burning fat. I thought I would continue with it, and I think I have lost another 5-7 pounds on it. (Going by belt loops rather than a scale, so my reading is not precise).

I checked to see what the impact of ketogenic dieting is for Seniors, and there is nothing in the literature so far that proscribes it. In fact, it is used as part of cancer treatment because ketogenesis robs cancer cells of the glucose they need to thrive.

Starves them to death. I can go for that. I am going to continue to keep to my meal schedule until I lose about 30 pounds.  Maybe more, and I am finding some absolutely yummy recipes to cook, for when I get back to 190, or 180 pounds, and I may even get to reduce my BP meds, which would help the pocketbook.

I do not have the medicare plan for drugs, so I am paying out of pocket right now, and would love to reduce that expense. I will keep you posted on my progress as a Senior trying his hand at ketogenesis.

Senior Wellness and the Ketogenic Diet

I am also really excited about the impact of a keto diet on issues impacting many in our country, like diabetes, and alzheimer's disease.  The keto diet, since it does not include foods that spike blood sugar, impacts the insulin and diabetes issue in a very healthy way. 

I am also seeing that the intermittent fasting challenged neurons in a healthy way, and they build more mitochondria, the cells energy centers, as a result. Keytones, the compound sent to the brain for energy when we are not sending glucose, is processed by neurons very efficiently, and there is less free radical damage as a result. 

That does not mean you get to quit eating antioxidants.  However I am very encouraged by what I am seeing, enough so that I will keep learning. Watch my blog for more frequent updates. 

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